Develop software together

Tuleap, 100% Libre & Open Source platform for Agile Management and Software Development

One tool to link them all


Stand-up meeting

Update remaining effort

Pull latest commits

from Git repositories on Tuleap

Push changes for review

Git commit :"bug #123" with links to commits and issues

Ask for code review

from Git in Tuleap

Get CI feedback

only review what Jenkins blessed

Change story status

from Cardwall

Product owner

Collect and prioritize ideas

with customers

Discuss and estimate

user stories with the development team


forthcoming releases


current sprint progress

Create a wiki page

to share the team development workflow

Share the latest version

and get feedback

QA manager

Create a new Kanban

Create a new Git repository

from Tuleap

Manage permissions

using Tuleap user groups

Enforce noting related issues

in commit messages

Automatically launch CI jobs

after issue updates

Track CI status

on project dashboard

Do code reviews

based on pull requests

Update issue status

and automatically update release content

Project manager

Set up a new project

in one click

Choose tools for the team

to plan, develop and create content

Centrally manage permissions

for all tools

Add new fields in trackers

and set automatic modifications at update

Create a document workflow

for validation



what's in the new release


the new release

Read the user guide

for all tools

Submit an issue

into the Help Desk tracker


with the development team

Pull the patch

from the Git repository

Close the issue

and thank the support team

Tuleap Features

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« Tuleap 100% Libre & Open Source, is a guarantee of independence for us. »

"The Eclipse projects implement agility using Tuleap Scrum and Kanban"

« Now everyone gets a workspace which matches their way of working. »

« Tuleap is the right way to have good software engineering practices. »

Stefan van Hooft


« Am very impressed with Tuleap, a Open Source application lifecycle management tool. »

Xavier Coadic


« Woop woop trying Tuleap free opensource software. Agile backlog sounds cool! »

Francesco Guidieri


« Listening the Tuleap talk at #EclipseCon. Many cool features in this Open Source platform! »

Alex Soto


« Interesting project I need to take a look, I think @jonathan_vila will be interested too! »

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