Get started with your agile and/or digital transformation now: find out how to implement new methods, approaches, and tools to succeed in meeting all your customers’ needs in a fast-moving and increasingly competitive market!

Getting started with your digital and agile transformation

Project management

Project management can be very challenging if you don’t use the appropriate software to centralize all your work: relying on a set of good practices and tools will definitely help you improve monitoring and decision-making in due time, among others.
Here’s a list of useful resources to better manage your project.

Agile methods

Differently from traditional approaches, based on rigid, predictive and sequential processes, agile methods are client-centric and promote short but regular delivery cycles. Agile, Scrum, Kanban approaches: find out more about these tools and methods.

Agility at enterprise scale

About to scale up agile? Agility at scale help you align each agile team with the overall business strategy. Here’s everything you need to know to better understand and deploy agility at enterprise scale.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Here you have some useful resources about the ALM to help you enhance your project monitoring and provide teams with the tools ans ressources they need to monitor their projects while developing and maintaining an application over time.

Open Source software

The Open Source is way more than a publicly available code: it is a mode of thinking which promotes principles such as transparency and open collaboration.
Learn more about the unbeatable advantages of open source software

Software quality

Find all our resources related to software quality, to design compliant, quality and reliable software, which is a key success factor for companies.


Need to integrate software solutions with Tuleap? Discover our resources on integration, making Tuleap a flexible and versatile tool!

Digital transformation
Three key factors to succeed in your enterprise’s digital and agile transformation

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