You have certainly heard of “agile methods” or “the agile method”. Far from being merely an umpteenth trend, agility is another type of project management method you can opt for. Unlike traditional approaches which are based on rigid, predictive and sequential processes, agile methods are client-centric and promote short but regular delivery cycles. Here’s an introduction to agile methods and particularly to Scrum.

Improve your project management

Project management can be even more challenging if you don’t use the appropriate software and tools to centralize all your work: relying on a set of good practices and tools will definitely enable you to improve monitoring and decision-making in due time, among others.
Find out here a range of resources about project management.

Deploy agility at enterprise scale

How do you manage to align each agile team with the overall business strategy?
Check out our list of contents about agility at scale to better grasp what scaling up agile consists of, its major benefits for all kinds of organizations as well as how to deal with it.

Start your agile digital transformation

Turn your software into a competitive advantage: go for an agile digital transformation throughout your enterprise and succeed in meeting all your customers’ needs in a fast-moving and increasingly competitive market.
Here’s some useful contents to learn more about the agile digital transformation and its benefits.

Bring efficiency to your projects with an ALM tool

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the comprehensive process of managing software lifecycle by providing teams with the set of tools and resources they need. Here’s some more details about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

The advantages of Open Source software

Open Source software have gradually become as much reliable, qualitative and secured as proprietary solutions, and they constitute now an integral part of most of the applications we use on a daily basis… but we don’t even know it!
Find out more details about this topic.

Software quality

Software quality is essential in the development of software and application. Discover our software quality resources to learn more about compliance, test management…


Tuleap allows you to benefit from various integrations, including Jira, GitLab, Jenkins… Find our resources on integration to learn more.

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