Agility at scale

Getting started with agile methods?

Unlike traditional approaches which are based on rigid, predictive and sequential processes, agile methods are client-centric and promote short but regular delivery cycles. Here’s a list of useful references to learn more about agility: Scrum, Kanban

How to improve your projects?

Relying on a set of good practices and tools will definitely enable you to improve monitoring and decision-making in due time, among others. Here’s a list of references to go further with your project management.

Enhance your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the comprehensive process of managing software lifecycle. It basically implies to provide teams with the set of tools and resources they need: here’s some useful content about ALM to learn more details about this topic.

Launch your agile digital transformation

Turn your software into a competitive advantage as to succeed in meeting all your customers’ needs in a fast-moving and increasingly competitive market.
Here’s some useful contents to learn more about the agile digital transformation and its advantages.

The advantages of Open Source software

Since there are so many reasons to opt for an Open Source solution rather than for a proprietary one, here’s a list of useful references to learn more about open source software and tools, their characteristics and strategic advantages.

Software quality

Access our resources on software quality, to understand this new crucial issue, which is the reliability, quality and compliance of software and applications.


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Scaled Agile ebook

The era of agility at scale is here. This is one of the Top Challenges for 2021 and the years to come in large organizations. What are the success factors of an agile deployment at scale? Where to start? We interviewed 4 subject matter experts.

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