Team alignment is at the heart of scaled agile. Tuleap Program Management™ plugin enables synchronize the work of several teams, share the product roadmap and plan Program Increments as well as iterations. With this Tuleap module, easily implement the good practices of SAFe® in your organization.

Main features of Tuleap Program Management

  • Ready-to-use templates for Essential SAFe®,
  • Workspaces synchronization of ART (Agile Release Train) and Teams,
  • Cross-project backlog management,
  • Global visualization of the product roadmap and development planning,
  • Creation and priorisation of SAFe items: Features, User Stories, Enablers (Program Kanban, Team Kanban)
  • Monitoring of Program Increment and iterations progress with customizable dashboards.

White paper

Scaled agile deployment with SAFe® and Tuleap

whitepaper scaled agile with SAFe and Tuleap