At some point, large software-driven organizations are all aiming at deploying agility at scale. It’s important to keep in mind this agile transformation is not only about IT teams, but rather an Enterprise challenge. That said, it’s obvious that deploying agility at scale is a significant enhancement that can shake up teams at all levels and challenge habits. This means it’s critical to think through all of this before starting the transformation process. That’s why Tuleap focuses on both tooling teams, but also helps with the culture shift. In a research report, Gartner® showcases tech leaders’ top challenges when scaling agile and gives key elements to face them with serenity.

Agile is made of 30% tools, but mostly 70% culture shift

Our customers’ success stories highlight that agility at scale is all the more smooth and effective when the fundamentals of agility are acquired. So it’s safe to say it goes far beyond tooling your teams. Most of all, the enterprise agile transformation is successful whenever all the stakeholders are involved in the process: so they should feel part of it since they are carrying out the projects.

Agility at scale largely relies on values, on a mindset: without all the employees’ participation it will inevitably fail. For sure, agility is made of 30% tools and practices and of 70% culture.

How to break through the barriers to scale agile according to Gartner®?

Despite piloting agile teams, application leaders struggle to achieve the same level of success when scaling to large, multiteam efforts. To successfully scale agile, they must change the leadership culture, invest in coaching, laser-focus on business objectives and move to product-based budgeting.

Gartner®. Breakthrough the Barriers to Scaling Agile and Product-Centric Delivery. Bill Swanton. Mike West. August 5, 2020.*

In fact, in a report from 2020, the technology research and consulting company surveyed tech leaders’ top challenges when scaling agile. What this study tells us is that there are very common obstacles to scaling agile. Most tech leaders’ are struggling with the same barriers and bottlenecks. But what it shows is that there are also solutions to succeed in the implementation and scale agile. Gartner actually provides a few, such as creating a leadership culture of trust and defining value streams and outcome-based roadmaps.

Get access to the report from Gartner and find out their recommendations for succeeding in your transformation process.

*Gartner, Break Through the Barriers to Scaling Agile and Product-Centric Delivery, By Bill Swanton, Mike West, 5 August 2020
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