Business Agility requires a tool that provides a way to work all together, across an entire organization, towards a set of common goals. To make it easier to implement SAFe, Tuleap provides ready-to-use templates for Essential SAFe 5.0 using Tuleap Program Management™ module.

Essential SAFe 5.0
Essential SAFe version 5.0

Common use cases of Tuleap SAFe templates

Tuleap SAFe implementation helps solve the following businesses challenges:

  • How to scale agile across your organization with dozens or hundreds of teams?
  • How to ensure team deliveries are integrated, verified and validated by all stakeholders?
  • How to manage product portfolio and manage multi-profiles teams?
  • How to develop software-driven products with both embedded and physical systems?

Template for Essential SAFe® – Agile Release Train level

This Tuleap template helps align several teams to a shared vision business and technology mission applying the principles of the Essential Scaled Agile framework®.

  • Manage the Agile Release Train (ART),
  • Plan Program Increments (PI),
  • Visualize features into the cross-project Backlog,
  • Customize Kanban boards and workflow to fit the ART’s process,
  • Visualize the product Roadmap in real-time,
  • Manage Agile Release Train artifacts as Features or Enablers.

At any moment, you can change the settings of the Agile Release Train and its aggregated projects, adding existing projects or creating new ones.

This template has to be used with the Tuleap template below: “Essential SAFe® – Scrum Team”.

Examples of usage

Agile Release Train
Agile Train Roadmap
Backlog Scaled Agile Framework
ART Cross-team backlog
Kanban Board Agile Scaled Framework
Program Kanban

Template for SAFe®: Scrum Team level

This Tuleap template helps cross-functional teams to define, build, test and deliver an increment of value based in a short time box. This is a ready-to-use environment based on Scrum approach, linked with the above Agile Release Train and Program Increments.

  • Manage Team Events such as Iteration Planning,
  • Organize Team Backlog,
  • Split Features into User stories and store other Team Artifacts
  • Early manage Test Plans for build-in quality.

This template has to be used with the Tuleap template above: “Essential SAFe® – Agile Release Train”

Examples of usage

Team Dashboard
Team Dashboard
Program increment
Team Taskboard
Team test plan for a PI
Team Test Plan for a PI


Implementing Essential SAFe with Tuleap

It is time for action now. Let’s provide teams the right tools to get in sync. This webinar shows you how to coordinate several teams to deliver a quality product using Essential SAFe® and Tuleap.