To compete in the age of software and achieve business agility, it is now crucial for enterprises to rely on a tool that provides a collaborative way of working towards common goals, and this across the whole organization. Make SAFe® implementation easier thanks to Tuleap ready-to-use template for Portfolio SAFe® 5.0, available with Tuleap Program Management™ module.

Portfolio SAFe version 5.0

Tuleap templates for SAFe®

Common use cases

Implementing SAFe with Tuleap helps you meet business challenges such as:

  • Scaling agile across your organization, within dozens or even hundreds of teams,
  • Effectively manage product portfolio and align multi-profiles teams,
  • Ensure that any delivery is integrated, verified and then validated by all involved stakeholders, 
  • Orchestrate the development of cyber-physical products having both hardware and software.

3 ready-to-use templates

Tuleap provides 3 complementary templates to make easier to scale agile across your organization and teams using the Scaled Agile Framework®.

  • Tuleap Template for Portfolio SAFe (the one presented here)
  • Tuleap Template for Essential SAFe : Agile Release Train level
  • Tuleap Template for Essential SAFe: Scrum Team level
Use Tuleap templates for easy SAFe implementation

Tuleap Template for Portfolio SAFe®

This Tuleap template helps ensure coherence between the strategy and its execution at enterprise scale, aligning several cross-functional teams to the enterprise’s shared goals as well as business mission; all this, by applying the values and principles of Scaled Agile Framework®.
This template is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use it together with the Tuleap templates for Essential SAFe.

  • Share the Portfolio vision and the common objectives,
  • Manage Portfolio Epics and backlog,
  • Visualize the epics’ progress and on-going Agile Release Trains (ARTs) with the Portfolio Kanban.

At any moment, you can adapt the settings of the configuration.

Examples of usage

Portfolio Vision and Canvas
(pictures: programme Sustainable Mobility for All
SAFe Portfolio Kanban and Value Streams

See SAFe templates live


It is time for action now. It is time for action now. Let’s provide teams the right tools to get in sync. This webinar shows you how to coordinate several teams to deliver a quality product using Essential SAFe® and Tuleap.

Webinar implementing SAFe with Tuleap