Data Visualization with D3.js for Tuleap graphs

I'd like to share today a subject I particularly find interesting : Data visualization. Ok that's a word we meet everywhere at the moment but that really matters in a software project management tool as the Tuleap one. In this article I will talk about the interest of visualizations, the different key points from my point of view, some difficulties with technologies and responsiveness you could encounter and some solutions I propose.

Why should I better use Git into Tuleap rather than a Git elsewhere ?

Some Tuleap users are using Tuleap for agile planification and issue tracking only. Right. That's one of the power of Tuleap: you can use only the tools you need for each project.

But if you already use some Tuleap tools and are a Git guy running it on an external server, you should consider better use the Git tool provided into Tuleap. It is hosted on the same server. You could be even more productive.