Mattermost integrated to Tuleap : Git notifications and Scrum stand-up report

Mattermost is an instant messaging service. This software is useful to increase communication inside a company for all its members. This is why the number of company using instant messaging services is gradually increasing.

To facilitate discussions and effective collaborative work, developers must have all information needed within the same platform. To reach this goal, we are developing a new set of plugins to link Mattermost with Tuleap.

Tuleap versus GitLab, the battle that will not happen

Playmo or Lego? Spiderman or Batman? Who is better, stronger?
I 'm sure, you already had endless debates with friends about that. But for me, the best answer is the same for all: they are just different. Both have great powers. Your choice depends on what you like. Tuleap or Gitlab? It can be the same answer.

Tuleap 9.1 - First taste of BurningParrot

We are really excited by this release as it introduce the first bits of future Tuleap 10 interface: BurningParrot


Site Administration

There are so many changes it's hard to get a comprehensive list. To summarize in one word: consistency.

Now, in site administration, all actions are done the same way, all lists are rendered with the same widgets, etc.

Tuleap Team at Eclipsecon Europe

EclipseCon Europe 2016


For the second time this year, the Tuleap Team is happy to meet Eclipse Community members at Eclipsecon Europe in October. After many demonstrations of Tuleap at Toulouse (as well as good macarons :), we have the chance to share and exchange with new people in Germany.