How configuring Tuleap tracker to plan and track effort?

To explain how monitoring a team effort, we will take the example of an agile team working with the Scrum approach. Keep in mind the process to configure tracker fields should remain the same if you are not working with Scrum or even not with agile. It can be adapted to track any team members work.

Team Capacity, Initial Effort, Remaining Effort

scrum planning pocker

Mattermost connectors for Tuleap Scrum reports and Git now available

Mattermost is an instant messaging service, an Open source Slack-alternative. This software is useful to increase communication inside a company for all its members. This is why the number of company using instant messaging services is gradually increasing. To facilitate discussions and effective collaborative work, developers must have all information needed within the same platform. To reach this goal, we developed a new set of plugins to link Mattermost with Tuleap.

Data Visualization with D3.js for Tuleap graphs

I'd like to share today a subject I particularly find interesting : Data visualization. Ok that's a word we meet everywhere at the moment but that really matters in a software project management tool as the Tuleap one. In this article I will talk about the interest of visualizations, the different key points from my point of view, some difficulties with technologies and responsiveness you could encounter and some solutions I propose.