The Tuleap project promotes agile principles, transparency & libre software spirit.

The highest priority of the Tuleap Community is to satisfy the final users, aka you, developers, Product Owner, CTO, QA and so on, through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

One release per month

The kick-ass Tuleap development Team delivers working software early and often to put it in the hands of the users as soon as possible. A new Tuleap release is provided once a month with enhancements, new features and bug fixes.

Bleeding edge users can experiment alpha and beta features. To do so, once login in  on your Tuleap instance, check the box “Enable Tuleap Lab” in your personal preferences.  As your opinion on on-going developments is essential, you are invitated to share your feedback: how do you feel, does it match your needs, what are your use cases.

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All is Open Source, really!

Tuleap is a Free/Libre and Open Source Software. It is provided under GPLv2 license. You can leverage all Tuleap features, for unlimited users, unlimited projects and unlimited time.

Developments features in progress are shared in the Agile Dashboard of Tuleap project workspace.