Building smart apps is like climbing a mountain ; as a French company in the Alps, we definitely know about mountains. But, mostly, we know about software software.

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Who we are

Digital transformation is reshaping business and society: the way we use products, the way we build products, the go-to-market strategy. In this context, the Money is the Software and quality software development is a key element in that (r)evolution.

Since day one, we made it our main goal to help companies and software teams do their thing – building smart apps, and casually changing the world – the most effective way.

Enalean is the company behind the Tuleap software. With our roots in software engineering and tools deployment in critical industrial environments, Enalean has become the First Provider of an Open Source Agile Application Lifecycle Management solution, used by some of the world’s most successful organizations. We use the most efficient industry-leading software development approaches and our learnings to help our customers build software faster, continuously improving their processes, and drive the change needed to thrive. 

As the creators of the Open Roadmap™ concept, we’ve pioneered techniques that harness the power of global teams to deliver software excellence at scale.

Our story

Tuleap = to Leap 

The name “Tuleap” was born when Manuel Vacelet, co-founder and CTO of Enalean, visited a local florist, stumbled upon a bouquet of tulips and thought: “What an inspiring flower, bright and blooming as a fresh impetus”. Just like a tulip, software craftsmen seem to blossom – from ideas and creativity.

More than a visual representation, when we say “tulip”, we hear “to leap”, and that’s exactly our vision: to help you take the leap towards your goals.

Enalean = Enable + Lean 

As for the name of the company, it comes from Laurent Charles, co-founder and CEO of Enalean. Two words stood out as the creating process was on: enable and lean.

Laurent always believed in the “lean approach” – focusing on creating more value for customers – which became the cornerstone of the company.

He also was convinced that making software shouldn’t be complicated. As a software enthusiast, he wanted to “enable” other software enthusiasts like him to innovate through technology the easiest way possible; his wish, to make software transformation easy for industrials.

Enalean people

Why we can help you

We are from the same world

Enalean is managed by former software development delivery managers in large and industrial companies who have faced the same challenges as you. In other terms, we know what you’re going through.

Disrupting business model

As the first provider of a 100% libre tool for Application Lifecycle Management, we offer you a 100% complete service, from professional support, SLAs, trainings, to guaranteed installation and the option to go for the cloud version.
We also invented the Open Roadmap.

Lean and agile

Both in our software development process and in our customer relationships. Main focus on final users, flexible to change, regular iterations, prototyping.
This is 3x more successful.

Open innovation

The best way to boost creativity is to stay open: sharing stories with others, sparking new ideas, collaborating on open source code… We encourage our customers to meet, exchange and pool resources.

How we work

On the Dev side: Technology excellence

Relying on strong agile values along with cutting edge technology, we target software excellence. People here are software craftsmen. For us, software craftsmanship is a long journey to mastery. It’s a lifestyle where developers choose to be responsible for writing quality code and for improving their craft, constantly learning new tools and techniques. Software craftsmanship is all about putting responsibility, professionalism, pragmatism and pride back into software development.

Rooted in a culture of learning and sharing, people at Enalean have given dozens of talks at conferences, as we delve deep into the latest tech topics and methodologies. See our blog

On the Biz side: Long-term thinking

We think Success does not happen overnight. Our every moves are driven by a long-term thinking process, focusing on building strong partnerships with our customers. We have a strong team of hard-working, innovative folks who start by understanding our customers, taking the time to get to know you and your issues. They are focused on your satisfaction, providing the expertise you could not find elsewhere. Honesty, Trust and Respect of users, are our pillars when helping you.


Laurent Charles


CEO and co-founder of Enalean, Laurent Charles is not a newbie in the tech world.
During his 16 years in IT Delivery working at a Forbes 100 company, he implemented software development practices to make teams more productive and collaborative. He actively promotes the Open Source culture and libre communities to increase innovation and efficiency.
As the CEO and co-founder of Enalean and Tuleap, he works every day to help organizations turn their software into a competitive advantage.

Manuel Vacelet


As CTO of Enalean and Tuleap product owner within Enalean, Manuel’s mission is to keep Enalean’s tech team happy. This means providing our developers and other tech staffers with a challenging and rewarding work environment guided by a single philosophy: to be accountable to our customers in everything we do. Spending much of his workday reviewing code, he also dabbles in systems administration, continuous integration, and other software-engineering tasks.

Nicolas Terray

Nicolas TERRAY

Nicolas is our technical guru. He is an experienced software craftsmen and hands-on software architect involved in the architecture, design, and development of Tuleap product. He enjoy exploring new technos and software engineering practices, making a point to focus on building quality software. He enjoy after work board games with colleagues, skate boarding with teenagers and cross-fit with strong people.

Our vision

Empowering teams is the key

Software craftsmen are visionaries; they need to work with tools that are as fast as their brains, as flexible as their thoughts, as evolving as their minds.

TuleapCon Team

Software is not built by one person. It is the product of multiple, diverse and versatile profiles, that work hand in hand towards a mutual goal: that’s what you call a team. 

As every department has specific needs, collaboration is the cornerstone of teamwork: that’s why we bet on collaboration since day one. At Enalean, we challenge the way teams work together to help you focus on building software that will change the world instead of being held back by a disorganized work environment. 

What’s important to us is to help you be more confident in the way you manage your teams, your tasks, and develop your software. We want you to be able to look in one unique place to manage every aspect of your everyday work. 

We strongly believe that a company’s wealth is not only measured in terms of profits and benefits but also in terms of work environment. A disorganized workflow not only slows down productivity but can also negatively impact your team’s health. On the contrary, studies show that a positive work environment can help boost productivity, creativity and thus increase your profits. 

Providing your teams with the right tool can make you go from a great functioning company up to a successful and sustainable company: or as we say, it takes you next level.

Office locations


Enalean Headquarter – 87 avenue de Chambéry – 73230 FR-Saint Alban-Leysse


Enalean R&D Office – 95 rue des Grives –
38920 FR-Crolles


Enalean Suisse – World Trade Center, Avenue Gratta-Paille 2 CH-1018 Lausanne

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