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DevopsDays 2020

February 24-25, 2020 – Geneva, Switzerland

As in 2019, Tuleap will be sponsor and attend the DevOpsDays 2nd edition, which will take place on the 24th and 25th of February 2020, in Geneva.

Save the date : TuleapCon 2020

March 24, 2020 – Paris 12e, France

TuleapCon is a free event for all those who build software. Project and Product Manager, QA, CTO, CEO, Developer, IT Ops, this conference day is made for you.

Speakers from worldwide companies, experts in software engineering, Agile, DevOps, high-level developers, come together to speak about the industry-proven 100% Open Source tool, Tuleap.

Disclaimer: this event will be fully in french.

Latest Events

SnowCamp 2020

January 2020 Grenoble, France

Snowcamp is a unique conference for devs, ops and architects.
As a yearly sponsor, our development team attended this event. Congrats to the organizing team!

Agile Story Points

Tuleap Open Roadmap Day

October 2019, Paris, France

The Open Roadmap Day is a unique event where members shape the Tuleap product roadmap.

Other events we attend or sponsor

Meetup CARA – Lyon, France

Developers or PO from the Tuleap team regularly attend meetings of the Rhône-Alpes Lyon Agile Club. "CARA Lyon" is an non-profit organization which aims to promote and disseminate agile methods in the Rhône-Alpes region by all means of communication.

WEB-MARDI GENEVE – Geneva, Switzerland

Webmardi is a free and monthly meetup about the Web for amateurs and professionals in the west part of Switzerland. We usually meet every 1st Tuesday of the month for a 45 min. talk followed by a quiz contest and an apero.

ALPES CRAFT – Grenoble, France

Tuleap was sponsor of Alpes Craft, a 2-day technical conference. It complements 2 other beautiful Grenoble conferences: the SnowCamp oriented technos and Agile Grenoble oriented agile approaches. Alpes Craft is a bit of both: how to mix "technical excellence", "mastery of good practices on the production chain" and "cooperation skills".

Software Craftsmanship – Grenoble, France

The Software Craftsmanship Grenoble community brings together developers, without sexism, elitism, language or mandatory techno. As aspiring Software Craftsmen, they aim to raise the level of professional software development through practice and by helping others acquire know-how.

Geneva Scrum Beer – Geneva, Switzerland

Come and talk about Agility, Scrum and Lean. Purpose: share knowledge about Lean/Agile/Scrum practices, answer questions, share experiences. If you are new to Scrum, XP, Lean, Management 3.0 … you are more than welcome as well. Have a seat and a drink: meeting people is the funniest way to learn about something new!

Agile Grenoble – Grenoble, France

Agile Grenoble, the largest Agile conference in France! It is dedicated to professionals and leaves room for innovation and testing without the presentations having any commercial orientation. Agile Grenoble is also kindness, fun, madness and a ton of smiles.

Live webinars

Tuleap tour, live tutorials, Q&A… take a coffee and join us

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