Ready to reach new markets? Be a reference in Agile Enterprise solutions?
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About Tuleap Partners

Tuleap is constantly looking for new partners to build new, stable, and engaged relationships around the world. Whether you are an agile coach, an IT consultant, a service company, a freelancer, a large company… You are welcome to join us!

How to become a Tuleap Partner?

Becoming a Tuleap Partner implies the following 2 phases:

“Discovery” mode

  • Identification as Tuleap Partner (but no public communication)
  • Get comfortable with the tool and get used to the platform
  • Free online training
  • Full autonomy

“Rise” mode

  • Official Tuleap Partner (public communication)
  • Access to a Tuleap Partner platform (for demos)
  • Follow-up and support from our team
  • Support service for all questions (yours / your users)

Worldwide Tuleap Partners Network

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