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Do you want to complete your offer? Reach new markets? Be a reference in Agile Enterprise solutions? Then become a Tuleap Partner ! Tuleap is constantly looking for new partners to build up new stable and engaged relationships around the world. Whether you are an agile coach, an IT consultant, a service company, a freelancer… you are welcome to join us !

Tuleap Partners: a multi-profile offer

agile coach

service company

IT consultant

Tuleap Partners is an offer dedicated to any company, coach, consultant, wishing either to complete their offer or to have additional income. If you fit with one of these profiles, it’s time to make a step forward in discovering our Tuleap Partners offer.

An easy two-step process to become one of us

an easy two-step process to become a partner

1. Discovery

All you need to learn about Tuleap

  • Identification as Tuleap Partner
  • Free e-training in total autonomy
  • Free trial platform

2. Rise

All you need to promote Tuleap

  • Tuleap Partner platform to help you sell Tuleap
  • Support service channel for any questions
  • Webinars to follow new features of Tuleap

Ready to start the process and join our worldwide network?