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Tuleap 13 makes scaling agile easier with SAFe®

Sept. 2021 – With Tuleap 13, the Agile Enterprise and Open Source solution provides teams with all the necessary tools to implement SAFe®, the Scaled Agile Framework®. The collaborative platform intends to support large organizations throughout their agile transformation. From methods to tools, Tuleap 13 gathers under one roof all the key ingredients for a successful agile at scale deployment.

3 big organizations share how Tuleap 12 will help them reach Quality Assurance, DevOps, and Agile at scale

Sept. 23, 2020 – With the release of Tuleap 12, the French Open Source Agile Enterprise solution provides industrial organizations with real answers regarding 3 significant business challenges: Quality Assurance and integrated test management, DevOps, and Agile at Scale. For STMicroelectronics, CEA and DGA, Tuleap 12 provides the tools to overcome all of them, by taking their Agile and software development practices next level.

Covid-19 and Telework | Consider first Open Source options: Tuleap, the alternative to the Atlassian suite

March 17, 2020 – With the coronavirus and the increased need for telework, our advice: make the choice of open source.

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Tuleap 13.8

  • Search for Documents
  • General availability of Baseline
  • Enhancements on Test executions documents
  • … and more

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