With the release of Tuleap 12, the French Open Source Agile Enterprise solution provides industrial organizations with real answers regarding 3 significant business challenges: Quality Assurance and integrated test management, DevOps, and Agile at Scale. For STMicroelectronics, CEA and DGA, Tuleap 12 provides the tools to overcome all of them, by taking their Agile and software development practices next level.

Quality Assurance at STMicroelectronics: reaching full traceability with integrated test management

Quality assurance is crucial to develop and launch a successful product. To be industry-compliant and eligible for quality labels, test management has to be involved in the product launch process from the very beginning of the project. Automotive, medical, aeronautic, or high tech components… no matter the market,  a solid quality assurance strategy will result in a quicker go-to-market. During compliance auditing, it’s all about being able to provide full traceability, from requirements, to test coverage, right to the delivered product.

Kirk Adoniadis, Test Manager, explains the work done at STMicroelectronics regarding quality assurance:

“At ST, we make electronic chips which are at the heart of high tech products. We must therefore ensure high quality and be able to demonstrate the consistency of what we are developing. For several years, we have implemented quality processes to comply with quality standards and norms as ISO 900, 9001, 9004, SOX act (Sarbanes-Oxley), ITIL process.

Up until now, we used to work with HP Quality Center for testing, close to Tuleap, which we use for our requirement management and software development phases. When we realized how many things we could do with Tuleap, combining Tuleap Test Management and Tuleap Agile Dashboard modules, it seemed more strategic and sustainable for us to do everything with Tuleap. Because Tuleap is a centralized, modern tool that is maintained over time. As a member of the Open Roadmap™, we collaborated with the Tuleap team to strengthen the integration between test management and agile features.

With Tuleap 12, quality assurance management is done in parallel with requirement management. It makes it easier, during audits, to provide proof that what we deliver complies with what has been requested. Everything is tracked, everything is linked in Tuleap. Our teams will be able to prepare the QA steps, plan validation campaigns, monitor their execution, and make reporting.”

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Indeed, with a simple and modern interface, Tuleap allows visualizing which tests are associated with which requirement and release product, but also gives information about milestones and tasks progress.

Quality Assurance Managers will love it! With Tuleap 12, they have access to the level of compliance of each requirement and to the overall result of test campaigns, all of this at a glance. The new “Test Plan” view displays every user stories, requirements, bugs, and tests in a sprint or a release. For each requirement, you get test coverage and validation status.

DevOps: Jenkins integration will make teamwork at CEA more efficient


Software development teams know too well that continuous integration is the key in DevOps environments. That’s why Jenkins is often at the heart of any given company DevOps strategy, as it provides tools to guarantee continuous and automated test management. Among companies that seated DevOps at the top of their innovation strategy, meet the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

At CEA, Tuleap provides research teams with the right tools to manage their projects and develop software, the collaborative way. Right now, some development teams at CEA are working on improving software quality with automated test management. Both Jenkins and Tuleap users will be delighted with this new integration.

Automated builds, Single-Sign-On authentication, and permission management… the new Tuleap-Jenkins integration will definitely change development teams and IT people’s everyday life. Developers will no longer need to login twice, once in Jenkins and once in Tuleap, several times a day. They will be able to jump from one tool to the other, the easiest way possible.
For CIO, user management in SSO (Open ID Connect) will avoid double user management.

In addition, permissions on Jenkins will be managed directly with the user groups programmed in Tuleap. The best way to ensure real safety and true ease of maintenance.

Collaborative project management to promote Agile at Scale at the DGA

To stay ahead in the “digital disruption” competition, there’s nothing like deploying Agility at scale. CEOs around the world have made it a major focus of their innovation strategy. Organizations that will achieve Agile at scale will be more flexible, able to adapt to market changes quickly, prepared to release products that really meet customer expectations.

Tuleap, as a collaborative Agile Enterprise Planning Tool, has made it its main focus for several years now. Indeed, Tuleap allows multi-profiles team synchronization by providing flexible shared workspaces. Geoffroy, collaborative Product Manager at DGA (French Government Defence), shares how Tuleap fully contributes to the digital transformation of the DGA:

“As an IT department, Tuleap allows us to offer a digital solution for our people, to make their project/service management collaborative. We found two main reasons for selecting Tuleap. First, it differentiates as a “Swiss army knife” from the mainstream tracking tools, which data structure is fixed and software development-specific, while we want to supply investment project teams as well as internal support functions. Second, its open-source model is an assurance to keep control of both the software content and our on-premises data, though letting us influence the development from Enalean, the editor, along with the other Enterprise customers.

For instance, we financially contributed the update of configuration UIs and the extension of interfacing capabilities with a large IT infrastructure. As one of our growing digital workplace building blocks, we leverage Tuleap in the digital transformation of ways of working, thanks to visual management (instead of emails and meetings), collaboration on structured data mirroring business objects (instead of table files), all-stakeholders involvement in the daily tracking of internal services (instead of one-person bookkeeping), which we deem required behaviors for becoming agile. ”

With the release of Tuleap 12, the Enterprise ALM launches a new series of features to strengthen the path towards Agile at Scale, such as the support of the famous SAFe® framework. In addition to the agile tools already available, these new features will strengthen the transversal management of multiple projects and the coordination of large-scale teams.

In order to guide through companies in implementing agility at scale, the Tuleap team is releasing a question-and-answer white paper soon, with expert opinions and tips for deploying SAFe with Tuleap.

About Tuleap

Tuleap is the first Enterprise solution for Agile Management and DevOps 100% Open Source. In a few years, the solution has convinced large groups and has emerged as an alternative to well-known market tools such as Azure DevOps, Jira-Atlassian, Octane-HP ALM, Collabnet-VersionOne. Though more industrial-oriented than its counterparts, Tuleap aims to help high-tech companies to modernize their software R&D chain by promoting Agile and DevOps approaches. In a context where IT priorities are being completely reviewed in 2020, the three great assets of Tuleap (all-in-one solution, high level of adaptability, Open Source) make it a product with rapid ROI. Our history, our values: who are we

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