With the coronavirus and the increased need for telework, our advice: favour open source.
Indeed, many organizations will have to adopt web solutions very swiftly to enable their teams to manage their projects remotely. In the rush, the risk is to turn towards solutions that trap them at medium-long term. They have to be careful to preserve their freedom.

Since it came on the market in 2011, many organizations chose Tuleap, the 1st Open Source Agile and DevOps solution, for their digital transformation. Zoom on this open source tool and its provider Enalean, which is positioning Tuleap as an alternative to the Atlassian suite.

The RedHat 2020 report states that for 95% of IT managers, Open Source is a strategic element. Among the primary benefits mentioned: better software quality, a much lower Total Cost of Ownership and more security. In addition, one of the major assets of open source solutions is the guarantee of freedom. In this period of accelerated reorganization for companies, CIOs must keep this in mind and preferably choose applications with an Open Source license.

For project management, several companies have chosen the web platform Tuleap. Airbus, Thales, Sodern-Ariane, Jtket-Toyota, the French Ministry of Armed Forces, the Indian National e-Governance, here are some of the industrial and public organizations that are using Tuleap to manage their software projects more efficiently.

In just a few years, Enalean, this independent software provider looking like a start-up, has successfully convinced large groups. Its disruptive business model is based on Open Source and its unique concept of Open Roadmap. At a time when CIOs are seeking to optimize their budget and when Open Source is starting to be at the heart of every IT strategies, other organizations should undoubtedly turn to Tuleap.

Turn your digital transformation plans into reality

It was during his previous experience as a Delivery Manager within a big industrial company, that Laurent CHARLES, co-founder and CEO of Enalean, had the idea of ​​Tuleap.

Laurent Charles
Laurent CHARLES, CEO of Enalean

The digital transformation is not only the transformation of the information system. For the industry, it’s above all the evolution of R&D processes and a modernization of the software development chain.

Now, companies have understood that, whatever product they are selling, the value it brings customers is in the software. Optimizing project management, especially those related to software development, is thus a strategic subject.

Existing solutions on the market are often expensive, especially during large-scale deployments, with an increased risk of vendor lock-in (being linked to a proprietary tool). In addition, they rarely meet all the teams’ requirements; this has a role to play in the problem of shadow IT (loss of control over tools used internally).
Two challenges that drive CIOs mad, looking for more sustainable and cheaper alternatives, more responsive to users’ needs. So it’s no surprise that organizations are turning to Open Source solutions that offer all of these guarantees.

« We preferred to choose Tuleap rather Jira, Gitlab or Redmine. » says the CEA, which has been using Tuleap for five years now.

Tuleap, an Open Source alternative that is stepping up

Enalean is the only company in the world providing a solution that supports Agile and DevOps approaches, and that is 100% Open Source.
If no other software providers offer a similar solution, many compare Tuleap to the Australian giant Atlassian and its ticket management tool Jira. But don’t be mistaken; Jira offers a ticketing system like Tuleap does, yes, however, the similarity ends there. Return of Investment with Tuleap is much faster, thanks to a wider functional coverage and very competitive license costs.

« We found that many teams thought that Jira would solve their problems, and that was the case for a while. But as soon as they wanted to go further in agile development or to adapt their workflow, they found themselves blocked: additional plugins required, limited adaptation, etc. When they try Tuleap, they realize that they save both time and money by choosing an all-in-one solution that truly adapts to their specificities, and that covers the entire life cycle of their projects », shares Laurent CHARLES, CEO of Enalean.

When Open Source and Open Innovation attract large groups

Another particularity of Enalean’s business model is the Open Roadmap ™. Created by the co-founders, this original concept allows member CIOs to participate in the Tuleap product roadmap. Customers finance or co-finance the future features of their choice. CIOs thus reduce shadow IT by providing new capabilities in response to the internal users.

It’s really better to have new features every 30 days, rather than once a year, or never.

Domenico A., Product Manager at a leader in telecommunications

“We created the Open Roadmap to provide teams with the tools they really need. Customers realized that they were saving money by improving all together a common product, rather than by making their adaptations in their own corner. We put open innovation and collaborative funding at the heart of our business relationships”, underlines Laurent CHARLES.

About Enalean and Tuleap

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