Agility at scale is one of the top current challenges within large organizations. To help you get started, here’s our e-book: Questions & Answers, Expert Opinions and Feedback

Scaled Agile ebook


The era of agility at scale is here. It is actually one of the Top Challenges within large organizations for 2021 and the years to come. What are the key success factors for an agile deployment at scale? Where to start? We have interviewed 4 subject-matter experts.


This book will be of interest to all the stakeholders of a company who are, or will be, involved in this agile innovation process. Whether you are heading up this new business approach or at the very heart of operational teams, this e-book will help you better understand the challenges and benefits of agility at scale, for everyone.

The 4 subject-matter experts of the e-book

As in a roundtable, four experts take part in a 23 Questions & Answers game.

agile at scale expert ebook Tuleap

More to come…

Are you ready to put it into practice and go further? Stay tuned: a second white paper will be published very soon, to focus on the implementation of agility at scale by applying the SAFe® framework with Tuleap tool.

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