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Sébastien Romanet

Sébastien Romanet

With a ten-year experience in software and industrial world, Sébastien do understand the biggest challenges businesses face today. His own challenge is to show how Tuleap helps achieve your innovation and development goals, whether you’re a newfound startup or an established enterprise. When he’s not working, you can find Sébastien traipsing across flower-strewn Alpine meadows or stuck in front of star-wars movies.

Elise Ait-Messaoud

Elise has set herself the challenge of helping companies choose the best project management methods and tools for their digital and Agile transformation. In addition to her technical background, Elise loves to surprise people with her passion for gastronomy, foreign cultures, trips to the other side of the world… she definitely knows how to juggle between all the facets of her personality!

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Explore Tuleap Community Edition

If you are a tech enthusiast with the ability to self-support, Tuleap Community Edition is available and offer powerful capabilities to explore Tuleap. If you need enterprise-class features, scalability and security and if you plan to use Tuleap in a production environment, you should consider Tuleap Enterprise Edition.

With Docker

The docker image allows you to test Tuleap Community Edition quickly by skipping the installation and customization part. It gives you a Tuleap in a few minutes (time it takes to download it) and allows you to test it and see if it fits your needs.

On a Centos server

To install the Community Edition you will need a fully dedicated CentOS or RedHat 7.x server. It can be virtualized or physical. You will be able to upgrade to Tuleap Enterprise Edition at any moment, just ask.