Agile beyond post-its

Express your agile genius. Continuously improve your workflows.

Start now, adapt later

  • Instantly create a full project environment.
  • Create a default Kanban or Scrum template in 2 clicks.
  • Tailor to your needs as you go.

Shape it for your needs

  • One place for all team members : Product Owners, Scrum Masters, customers, developers, project managers…
  • For teams of all size.
  • You are in control. Customize everything. Easily.

Your work becomes easier

  • Meeting all your project management needs under one roof.
  • Easily capture and track all project assets: code, todo, bugs, requirements, documents, future ideas.
  • Simple backlog management and release scheduling.
  • Visual management with Burndown, Kanban…

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Track, trace and link everything

Powerful issue tracking tool. Designed to adapt to each project.

  • Track any type of items: risks, requirements, tasks, bugs, requests, recipes, todo…
  • Link artifacts back to code, build, document, discussion, release and more
  • Tailor each tracker per project, the way you work, in no time
  • Customization not depending on site admin
  • Automate changes on fields and artifacts with advanced workflow
  • Option to automatically trigger continuous integration actions when an artifact is updated
  • Set fine-grained permissions, on individual trackers and even on individual fields
  • Import-export data from third party tool
  • Create your own tracker templates

Do you waterfall? With Tuleap trackers, no-one is left behind.
Tailor Tuleap to your processes

  • Comply with your business and industry standards such as CMMI, ITIL,etc.
  • Customize project configuration and reuse it as a template
  • Collect and rank customers requirements
  • Get real-time status on projects
  • Create graphics and reports on the fly

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Turn wise ideas into awesome code

Automate your code-build-test-release workflow.

Deliver high quality code quickly.

GIT or SVN under a single roof

  • Per each project, choose your preferred version control system- GIT or SVN-
  • Unlimited number of repositories per project
  • Link commits back to issues, specs, deliveries
  • Browse and diff code online
  • Improve traceability by forcing references in commit messages
  • Assign granular, path-based access rights, on branches for both GIT and SVN
  • Trigger Jenkins builds on commit
  • Web hook on GIT push
  • Email notifications

Facilitate online code reviews with Gerrit

Tuleap makes Gerrit management easier. Review code, discuss changes and share knowledge.

  • One-click Gerrit project creation with defaults that keep you productive
  • Automatic data replication from Gerrit to Tuleap
  • Tuleap user management synchronises with Gerrit

Share your code

  • Share your deliveries and releases including the related issues
  • Set permissions on each folder

Continuous Integration CI

  • Integrate with GIT and SVN
  • Trigger builds from the tracker workflow
  • Track job results on the project dashboard


You can develop brillant code. Use Tuleap API to express yourself.

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Everything at hand for everyone. Collaboration made easy.

Teams of 2, 20, 2000 or more, distributed or on site, collaborate better with Tuleap.

  • Single entry point to all your project information for all team members.
  • All your ideas, code, versions, comments easily accessible.
  • Plan, track, version, build, deliver : have all the necessary tools at hand
  • Easily share backlog, plan work, trace documentation, manage issues, review and test code and more

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One document area for each project team

Create, store, link and version documents.

Easy-to-use and handy document area. Because you don’t need SharePoint to publish meeting minutes.

Tuleap provides a secured on-line project document area. Collaborate on documents across geographic boundaries. Avoid the common pitfalls of document duplication and lack of version tracking.

  • Centralize project documentation in a single space
  • Create new versions
  • Painless document reviews with approval workflow
  • Control who can modify what
  • Keep an eye on everything with document history
  • Stay informed about updates with notifications
  • Webdav access (read & write)

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Extensive customisation and powerful administration

Ever wished you could change the way your tool works? Now you can.

Each organization and each team is different. Make Tuleap just right for you. It’s easier than ever. Each team can personalize Tuleap and have it work you way.

Tuleap is designed to be redesigned

  • Choose the tools you need for each project Build and tailor your Scrum workspace, Kanban boards and Tuleap trackers.
  • Create user groups for each project: project lead, developers, partners, providers, etc
  • Manage fine-grained permissions on each tools, field or files.

Administrative area

  • Full LDAP support (OpenLDAP & Active Directory)
  • User and user group management
  • Authentication delegation with OpenID Connect

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Connected tools

Are you using Eclipse? Mylyn is your plugin

Connect to a Tuleap server from within Eclipse

  • See the bugs you are working on
  • See the list of bugs
  • Display and edit task
  • Update a task
  • Add attachments
  • Capture screenshots
  • Link with context

Import from Bugzilla

  • Leverages Tuleap XML import
  • Imports bugs, comments usernames and dates
  • Creates accounts as needed

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