Start, Scale and Succeed Agility webinar, July 1 👉Register
Start, Scale and Succeed Agility webinar July 1 👉Register

Speed up your development workflow

Choose your preferred version control system, Git or SVN For each project

  • Get an unlimited number of repositories per project
  • Link commits back to issues, specs and deliveries
  • Browse and diff code online
  • Improve traceability by forcing references in commit messages
  • Assign granular, path-based access rights, on branches for both Git and SVN
  • Trigger Jenkins builds on commit
  • Web hook on Git push
  • Get email notifications

Facilitate online code reviews

Pull Requests: get started with code review

  • Customize your workflow from basic to advanced
  • Create requests across branches in the same repository
  • Create requests from a personal fork
  • Comment in files reviewed
  • Comment requests globally
  • Create cross-references to a pull request from any other Tuleap item
  • Integrate with Jenkins to find out whether tests passed on the code to integrate
  • Get a dedicated dashboard to follow-up pull request status
  • Rebase and squash options

Connector to Gerrit: easier to manage

  • One-click Gerrit project creation with defaults that keep you productive
  • Automatic data replication from Gerrit to Tuleap
  • Tuleap user management synch with Gerrit

Continuous integration with Jenkins

Automate code integration continuously to catch errors early. Monitor build statuses without ever leaving Tuleap.

Jenkins connector

  • Integrate with Git and SVN
  • Trigger builds from the tracker workflow
  • Track job results on project dashboards
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