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Test Management and Traceability
in Agile Projects
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Track everything. Designed to adapt. By teams.

A powerful open source issue tracker tool

  • Track any type of items: requirements, stories, tasks, bugs, requests, to-do'sā€¦
  • Create as many trackers as you want for each project
  • Create advanced searches and display exactly the information you want to see

Designed to adapt fast

Say goodbye to waiting for administrator approval. Configure what you need, yourself at project level

Get control over your workflow

  • Use workflow templates or create your own, for each tracker and for each project
  • Define your own user groups to be used in the workflow
  • Set authorized transitions where you determine what happens and who is allowed
  • Apply workflow settings to Kanban boards

Advanced workflow configuration by tracker

  • Field dependencies: e.g. if the resolution field gets the value "fixed", then the status field will get the value "closed"
  • Transitions by project user groups: e.g. only group A can move from status "to do" to "ongoing"
  • Post functions after transitions: e.g. when a task moves from "ongoing" to "done", then the remaining work is set to "0"
  • Cross-tracker triggers: e.g. when all the subtasks are "done", the the parent task is "closed"
  • Triggers on development tools: transition Tuleap issues when certain events occur in a connected development tool. E.g. Launch a Jenkins job when the issue status is "under review"

Fine-tunable permission settings

  • Permissions on individual trackers
  • Permission on individual fields

Tracker field customization by project lead

  • Choose the rank of a field in the issue form
  • Add any type of new field
  • Add new values in fields
  • Add date reminders

Connect your Eclipse to a Tuleap server with the Mylyn plugin

  • See the bugs you are working on
  • See the list of bugs
  • Display and edit tasks
  • Update a task
  • Add attachments
  • Capture screenshots and context
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