A new Workflow post action

The Workflow campaign of 2018-2019 comes to an end with the introduction of this new Post Action: the ability to hide fieldsets.

Administration of the new Post Action

This feature is really useful to make big artifacts’ forms lighter. For each state of an artifact, you can now choose which fields are displayed. This makes it fast and easy to fill in. End users focus on what really matters.

Screencast of user view

Keep in mind that it’s more a display helper and not a new permission level. People still have access to the field if they are granted the corresponding permission. They "just" have to toggle the new button to reveal the hidden information.

Edition capabilities

  • story #13453 finish drag’n drop images in tracker text areas

It corresponds to the follow-up story of what was done in 11.2. It’s now possible to drag’n drop or copy/paste images in artifacts textarea and follow-up comments even in modal windows (like Planning view).

Drag'n drop in modals


  • story #13438 display permissions of other groups in fields permissions

It’s handy to have information about others’ groups permissions when defining fields’ permissions.

Fields permissions

Fixed bugs and requests

  • request #13532 No information are logged when Tuleap is unable to create an artifact via the REST API
  • request #13521 Retrieve all instances of the artifacts needed to build a Gantt chart report in one batch
  • request #13497 Workflow XML import must not create comment not empty condition for transitions from new
  • request #13482 Collect more metrics about tracker plugin activity
  • request #13473 Artifact modal is never localized
  • request #13459 Removing a child tracker should not be possible when the tracker is implicated in workflow trigger rules
  • request #13458 Artifact CSV import does not manage empty or absent list value consistently
  • request #13449 Prevent tracker workflow trigger rule to update a parent artifact that is not in the target tracker
  • request #13432 Tracker color are not properly imported, if tracker structure has a legacy color
  • request #13395 Masschange is always in error when tracker have field dependencies on field list
  • request #9522 Modal v3 can not be opened if a semantic title is not defined

Document Manager (Tuleap Enterprise)

  • story #12454 Lock documents
  • story #13427 Display list of other documents referencing a wiki page in modal wiki deletion

"Action menu" got enhanced with a new action to lock & unlock documents. The work started during Tuleap 11.2 about the deletion of the items is now completed with full support of wiki document deletion.

Document locking

Fixed bugs and requests

  • request #13522 URLs in notification message are incorrect when an item is updated via a REST route
  • request #13514 encodeURIComponents everywhere in document app rest-querier
  • request #13456 UnderConstructionModal is not up-to-date
  • request #13447 For document wiki at creation, "status" field is stuck to "wiki page name" field


Dependencies and version bump

Tests, code rules enforcement

Releases stats

  • 2504 files changed, 36468 insertions(+), 23736 deletions(-)
  • They made the release (number of commits, author, company)
    • 158 Thomas Gerbet, Enalean
    • 86 Marie Ange Garnier, Enalean
    • 70 Nicolas Terray, Enalean
    • 68 Joris Masson, Enalean
    • 63 Yannis ROSSETTO, Enalean
    • 47 Martin Goyot, Enalean
    • 37 Thomas Gorka, Enalean
    • 16 Manuel VACELET, Enalean
    • 10 Clarck Robinson, Enalean
    • 9 Benjamin Bouillot, Enalean
    • 1 lorentzr, Enalean


Tuleap 11.3 Validation Scores

Bug fix


  • request #13511 REST endpoint GET /projects list all public projects to restricted users
  • request #13491 XSS in the deletion confirmation page of a wiki document

File Release System

  • request #13524 Update default instruction set architectures in the file release system