Tracker – Workflow

  • story #12187 configure workflow pre & post actions at target state level

After 4 months of intensive work, the new interface for Workflow Administration is now ready for General Availability.

New interface for workflow administration

The new interface has been designed to address common pain point when designing workflow:

  • Better see where transitions are defined with highlight of source line
  • Configuration of transitions in modal window to keep general context while doing configuration
  • Better management of large matrix with "a lot" of elements (row & columns title are always displayed)

But the most important change is on the way transitions are configured with introduction of "Simple" mode where pre conditions and post actions of a transitions are defined at target state level instead of per-transition.

Workflow admin simple mode

As you can see on the previous screen, you can define transitions the way you want but configurations are done for the whole column (target state). We call it "simple" because it avoids to have a tedious point & click on each and every transitions to ensure they are consistent. For instance, it’s now trivial to force a "Close date" to be set when artifact reach "Closed" status:

Workflow admin, modal window in simple mode

The "Simple" mode is the new default for all new workflow that’s been created. It’s still possible to turn them into advanced if needed. Advanced workflow can be made simple as well.

You can familiarise yourself with the all the subtle details of the switch (and more) in the [updated documentation]({{ site.data.contact.uri.tuleap_doc.uri }}/user-guide/tracker.html#workflow-manager)

Bugs and requests:

  • request #12992 Tracker workflow pre conditions not checked at artifact creation

Project administration

  • story #12553 see flags that categorize my project in all project pages

Tuleap 10.11 introduce a way to clearly identify projects that needs a special treatment. It’s been design with Classified Information in mind but it can be applied to a lot more usage, for instance you could use that to highlight the top level divisions a project belongs to.

Example of flags usage

This is displayed on each and every page of the project and the information about the selected value is accessible on over of the small shield icon.

The feature is based on [Project categories]({{ site.data.contact.uri.tuleap_doc.uri }}/administration-guide/projects-management/projects-settings.html) that are there since a long time. Site admin can now choose up to 2 top level categories to be used as "Project flag" and Tuleap we display the first value of each category.

We took the opportunity to update the "Categories" section of project administration to apply the new constraints:

Bugs and requests:

  • request #11583 Trove categories create from web UI cannot be selected in project admin

Project categories interface

New document manager – Under development (Tuleap Enterprise)

New docman is still under intensive development and we’re getting closer and closer to the General Availability.

Docman document with preview

When clicking on "Quick look" button on a line, you will get a preview of the document (when possible) as well as the metadata associated to it. It displays both project defined metadata and document related ones (like file size or dates).

The preview panel can be used to make some operations on the document itself like update or download when relevant.

Docman dropdown

The dropdown menu is also available when browsing the documents in the tree view. Only a few actions are available at the moment and most of them redirect to the old interface (it’s crazy how quick we are getting used of the new interface BTW…).

Docman embedded documents

Last release it was already possible to create embedded documents but you had to write your own HTML by hand in the creation windows. That was not really convenient so the WYSIWYG editor was added to assist you in the process.

Finally, it’s now possible to configure limits on what is authorized when doing drag’n drop of files. Both number of files and max file size can be controlled by site administrators to avoid mis-use of the feature.

Docman constraint as site administrator

Bugs and requests:

  • request #12872 Document manager should not trust the file size given by the end user
  • request #12997 Upload a large file in new docman in error without error feedback
  • request #12943 Reduce size of document.js bundle
  • request #12898 Permissions screen in docman not accurate after modification

File release system

The work to complete the REST API for FRS has started, you will be able to completely drop you’re SOAP clients soon.



  • request #12961 Some PHPUnit unit tests are never played
  • request #12960 Unit tests should not leave empty temporary folders after their executions
  • request #12959 Bump to PHPUnit 8
  • request #12942 Have helper to launch locally distlp cypress tests execution locally
  • request #12930 Run PHPUnit unit test suite with PHP 7.3 in the nightly test run
  • request #12893 PHP unit tests should not complain about not having Java
  • request #12995 Move distributed SVN Tuleap end-to-end tests to the nightly test run
  • request #12986 REST test testing the deletion of a tracker does not test anything
  • request #12985 Be able to run PHPUnit unit tests without the xdebug extension
  • request #13007 Some PHPUnit unit tests do not properly "close" Mockery

Other stuff

Releases stats

  • 1245 files changed, 29048 insertions(+), 17298 deletions(-)
  • They made the release (number of commits, author, company)
    • 190 Thomas Gerbet, Enalean
    • 128 Marie Ange Garnier, Enalean
    • 94 Yannis ROSSETTO, Enalean
    • 85 Joris Masson, Enalean
    • 78 Nicolas Terray, Enalean
    • 51 Thomas Gorka, Enalean
    • 22 Manuel VACELET, Enalean
    • 20 Clarck Robinson, Enalean
    • 16 Martin Goyot, Enalean
    • 9 lorentzr, Enalean
    • 6 Jibidus, Sogilis
    • 5 Benjamin Dauton, Enalean
    • 1 Sandra Echinard, Enalean

Validation scores

Validation results 10.11

Bug fix


  • request #13009 Update DOMPurify to 1.0.10 due to security issues
  • request #13004 A XSS can be triggered via the URL of Jenkins build trigger post-action


  • request #12982 Async renderers for the artifact link fields should always be used
  • request #12946 Serve static assets with a more efficient cache policy
  • request #12945 Legacy language file cache should use VarExporter
  • request #12590 Widgets should not include their CSS files on empty dashboards
  • request #13023 Activate "serialized" hooks cache by default


  • request #12891 Project creation with trackers trigger not complete
  • request #12990 Display a cumulative flow chart with a browser recognized as deprecated crashes the page
  • request #12989 "Suspend all notifications" button is not explicit enough
  • request #13027 Colors associated with select box values might be not displayed in the tracker report widgets


  • request #12981 Git 2.12 is not used by Gitolite 3 on recent installations
  • request #12978 Misleading information in GIT access rights documentation
  • request #12976 Be able to have the list of repositories with at least one object over the object size limit
  • request #12970 XML file is incorrectly recognized as a binary file in the blob web UI view
  • request #12529 Git clone protocol should be HTTPS for anonymous users


  • request #13043 styling of labelbox in dashboard config is missing
  • request #13010 Project links widget can not be displayed in a project dashboard


  • request #12993 Update modal of the directory ugroup binding looks for the group using the common name attribute of the users


  • request #12963 Project PHPWiki pages might not be displayed if some metadata are missing
  • request #12941 Mediawiki MLEB extension can’t be activated on projects
  • request #12939 Top level domain .gouv.fr should not be misinterpreted as .gov domain
  • request #12732 /var/lib/tuleap/ftp and subdirs are not created on CentOS7
  • request #12694 Use latest version of ckeditor 4 from npm instead of rpm
  • request #10602 In the TLP artifact modal, the hyperlink editor for html text is hidden below the modal
  • request #13028 Bump visible copyright notices to 2019
  • request #13016 Search result in a mailing list crashes when displayed in the printer version
  • request #13011 Remove user profile legacy page
  • request #13005 Have a more explicit message on project waiting for approval