Documents : download a folder as a zip (Tuleap Enterprise Edition only)

It was already possible to upload a large number of document at once, it’s now possible to download an entire directory (and its sub folders) at once, as a zip archive.

Download an entire folder as a zip archive

The Tuleap platform administrator can control a bunch of parameters to limit the risk of having too much activity on the server:

  • there is a « warning » threshold value to warn users that the download is gonna « big » (big depends on your usage, server and network bandwith).
  • there is an « upper limit » threshold value that prevent users to download something that is X GB large.

Have a look at documentation to learn about thresholds, limits and default values.

Tuleap Test Management: automated tests no longer need ttm binary (Tuleap Enterprise Edition only)

Tuleap Test Management (TTM) can display the results of automated tests in your test campaigns along manual tests. Until now, teams had to download a dedicated ttm binary to make it happens. The management of this binary made the deployment sometimes complex (need to download it, upload during provisioning of the CI system, etc) so we decided to propose a REST end point to do the same thing.

Starting Tuleap 11.15, to report automated test results in Tuleap Test Management, teams only have to send their junit compatible XML files to this REST point (using curl for instance) and that’s all.

Learn how to deploy it in the documentation.

Improved log management

Thanks to a tedious effort from the development team to upgrade the original internal Logging framework to PSR-3 standard Tuleap can now benefit of modern logging libraries such as excellent Monolog.

This means that Tuleap system administrators can decide to centralize logs of Tuleap in two ways:

For the former it means that all the logs will be found in journald (or /var/log/messages for those who still run RHEL6). For the latter it means that admins can benefit extended logs in a convenient GUI such as the Graylog one.

Example of a log entry in Graylog interface
Example of a log entry in Graylog interface

Discover how to configure the logging in Tuleap documentation.

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