Tuleap 11.16 is now available. On the menu this month: new Jenkins integration, updated drag’n drop mode in Tuleap Documents, References & Tooltips overhaul, and some work under the hood.


New Jenkins integration for single sign-on and authorization management

Some features are quick to implement and the result is astonishingly visible. With Jenkins, it was definitely not quick, but the result is really good.

Tuleap and Jenkins both together are really powerful. To make life easier for Tuleap project administrators who also manage Jenkins instances, we’ve worked on a new Jenkins integration. With Tuleap 11.16, once you connect Jenkins with Tuleap and set up your permissions with the groups defined in Tuleap (developers, admins, etc.), whenever somebody joins or leaves your team, it’s only a matter of one click on Tuleap to grant/revoke access on Jenkins.

You now have a new Tuleap Authentication plugin on Jenkins marketplace that leverages Tuleap OAuth2 Server and OpenID Connect and provides:

  • Single sign-on for your users
  • Use of Tuleap defined user groups in the Permission Matrix

In the matrix-based security you can make reference to:

  • any valid Tuleap user
  • any user group defined in any project with the syntax « Tuleap project short name#user group name »

For end-users, it comes with a win as well: as long as you are logged in on your Tuleap server, you will also be logged in Jenkins as well, transparently thanks to OpendID Connect.

Jenkins security configuration with Tuleap users and groups
Jenkins security configuration with Tuleap users and groups

Tuleap Documents: Update information when using drag’n drop (Tuleap Enterprise Edition)

When a new version of a document is created with the « Quick look » button on the menu in Tuleap Documents module, you can easily set up a new version name as well as a changelog. However, if you use the drag’n drop method, your document is uploaded right away and doesn’t allow you to make changes before. That’s actually the expected behavior when using drag’n drop. But, when you work in a controlled environment (think compliance, ISO…) this prevent from encouraging good practices, like identifiable labeling of versions. With Tuleap 11.16, we’ve changed it and made it possible to update document information even with the drag’n drop method.

How does it actually work? It’s quite simple.
If you are working in a controlled environment, site administrators can activate the parameter « History enforcement » globally for the platform.

Configure history enforcement in Document
Platform administration : configure history enforcement in Tuleap Documents module

Once it’s done, each new file version dropped in any project of the platform will display a pop-up and let users fill in a new version name and changelog.

Version & changelog popup
Tuleap Documents module: the version & changelog popup

But this is not mandatory: those fields can be left blank if these information is not relevant. The purpose is to allow users to make a change, but it’s still up to you to consider if you want to make it or not. You can either keep working as usual or use the popup window to update your new version document.

References & Tooltips refresh look

The cross-references mechanism (keyword #id) is one of the most powerful capabilities in Tuleap. It allows linking things together, to create traceability chains or integration between any project items. For Tuleap 11.16, we’ve decided to uplift the design to make it more readable and visually pleasing to match our current color-theme. Also, the doc keyword now renders more information, by default.

New tooltips, more actionable

Internationalization and localization – under the hood

Tuleap always relied on a custom mechanism for internationalization and localization, known as .tab files. But two years ago we started a smooth transition to a widespread standard: meet gettext!

As it impacts all the strings rendered by Tuleap, it has a strong impact on the codebase as you can guess. But the main goal of this transition is to make it easier for translators to work with Tuleap strings (they will be able to use their standard tooling) and to bring a small performance gain as well.

One of the major change for site administrators is that gettext doesn’t allow the site-wide re-definition of strings and terms that was possible with .tab. We’ve made a quite comprehensive review of strings that might have been overridden but if you rely on some customization, you can inform us in the corresponding artifact.

Bugs and requests


  • request #14950 Add a security policy (aka SECURITY.md) at the root of the sources
  • request #14936 The zip archive of a document folder should not be indicated as public information
  • request #15002 Bump AngularJS to 1.8.0
  • request #14942 XSS via the name of a submilestone in the agile dashboard tabs

Document Management

  • request #14984 Fatal error when accessing GET /plugins/docman/
  • request #14983 Redirection error after the deletion of a previewed embedded file
  • request #14971 Cannot browse in another tab while uploading a file via the document UI
  • request #14969 Document fails to upload too large files
  • request #14966 Error when I delete an item when it is not being previewed
  • request #14960 Downloading the zip archive of a document folder does not count as a hit for the document plugin
  • request #14934 Do not hold the write PHP session lock when downloading a document zip archive
  • request #14911 Progress bar should disappear after file upload via quicklook

Issue Trackers

  • request #14982 Add edited mention in tracker mail notification
  • request #14932 Legacy tracker creation page should only be there for TV3 migration

Project creation & administration

  • request #14924 Project creation automatic shortname should not go above 30 characters
  • request #14962 REST API does not provide an easy way to use legacy field full project description
  • request #14948 Part of the ‘Note from the editor’ message in Scrum and Agile ALM project templates is displayed as a code block
  • request #14941 In service modal, select2 for services has wrong margin on Edge
  • request #14961 Remove project details page
  • request #14959 Remove /project/admin/list_all_users.php page

Test Management

  • request #14619 Not able to start Tuleap Test Management once Scrum started
  • request #14993 Testmanagement issue tracker can not be set at null
  • request #14988 Remove unused UUID parameter on REST route PATCH ​/testmanagement_campaigns​/{id}​/testmanagement_executions

Site administration, configuration & installation

  • request #14965 Docker Tuleap Enterprise Edition dependencies update, 11.16 edition
  • request #14929 Assets are not properly loaded in system event notification panel
  • request #14915 Connect with openid can fail randomly on some instances
  • request #14760 Add config-list command to Tuleap CLI
  • request #14709 Lost password procedure can be used to spam a user

Git & SVN

  • request #14956 GET /projects/:id/git always returns a pagination size of 0
  • request #14952 Immutable tags page reach timeout on very large SVN repository
  • request #14916 References by git commit are not well created

Agile dashboard

  • request #14923 Kanban doesn’t work on IE

Details are available on tuleap.net

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