Custom License Agreement

The Tuleap Delivery module (aka. File Release System) now allows administrators to define extra « License Agreements » to be used in packages.

File administration view of agreements definitions

A default agreement can be defined for a project (it can also be used in project templates) so future packages will use it by default.

Once set, whenever someone want to download a file, the license will be displayed for validation.

Major Bugs and requests


  • request #14129  XSS via the name of a document when moving/copying it
  • request #14128 XSS via the name of a Gerrit permission configuration template at the edition
  • request #14064  Object ID confusion between artifact and workflow when verifying permission modification authorization
  • request #14101 Update to DOMPurify 2.0.7


  • request #14048 Slowness at artifact creation