Say hello to our latest widget: Roadmap! Also, we’re taking pull requests automation with Jenkins even further. Read on to learn more about everything new in Tuleap 12.8

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Brand new widget: Roadmap

Despite the rise of Agile methodologies, there is still a huge demand for time-based representation of work items. Seasoned Tuleap users might know that there is already a way to display a roadmap in project dashboards through the « Gantt » widget on top of trackers. But after quite some time, we figured it was somehow impractical, almost impossible to navigate, with no management of dependencies – and objectively ugly (yep, we know). So, it was time to change that. With Tuleap 12.8, we’re excited to introduce the brand-new Roadmap widget.

As of Tuleap 12.8, Roadmap renders:

  • Any tracker that represents an artifact on a timescale (thanks to Timeframe semantic)
  • Allows switching timescale from week to quarter
  • Displays link between items (according to their type)
  • Shows progress on bars thanks to the new Progress semantic
  • Milestones (artifacts with start date equals to end date)
Roadmap widget on project dashboard

The development of this plugin is still ongoing and the next releases will focus on the display of children as well as the ability to define progress with different criteria. Watch this space!

Note: Roadmap is a new plugin only available in Tuleap Enterprise Edition.

Browsers compatibility and end of support

As announced in the previous release note we have made huge changes in the way front-end assets (Javascript & CSS) are built to be rendered efficiently. In this process, we have been a little bit too optimistic about the state of browsers amongst our users. That means that Tuleap 12.7 was no longer usable for -way too many- people stuck with old, vulnerable, deprecated versions of Firefox or Chrome.

Even if we don’t approve the usage of vulnerable browsers we also understand that it might not be under users’ hands to update. Hence we introduce a new deprecation policy for browsers:

  • Tuleap 12.8 brings back compatibility with Firefox 68 and Chrome 70. Compatibility means that generated Javascript and CSS code should run on those browsers. However, there are no tests made at all. It’s entirely upon the organization that relies on those browsers to run their tests. If bugs arise, we will try to fix them in best-effort mode. That might mean disabling the feature entirely.
  • Tuleap 12.13 (September 2021) will cease to work on Chrome & Edge older than 87 and Firefox older than 78. If your organization still cannot upgrade to less old (to be honest we cannot call them recent) browsers, you should no longer update Tuleap as pages won’t load at all.


Keep in mind that upgrading browsers to the most recent version is one of the key security action you can do. There is no point for Tuleap team to fix XSS bugs if your browser is open to execute any random code.

Bugs and Requests

There were 50 bugs fixed and requests implemented during 12.8 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back port on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a selection of the most notable fixes.

Tuleap Trackers

Tuleap Test Management

Tuleap Document

  • request #20900 Disable the possibility to drag item names in the documents plugin
  • request #20913 Document : Item Dropdowns are closed when mouse leave it

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