Not all the developments that have been accomplished this month are here visible, but we still have something to show you in this last release note of the summer: add (and synch) Teams to a running SAFe train, use the auto-completer widget to find document owner easier… and more to discover. Check out what’s new in Tuleap 13.12!

Teams can now join a running SAFe® Train

In theory, before starting a given Program Increment (PI) in SAFe®, you’re supposed to have everything defined, especially all the Teams that will be working on the PI.

We’ve been surprised (not) to note that practice doesn’t always meet theory. All too often, PI starts and Teams join afterward. In this situation, they need to be re-aligned with other Teams but, more important with the train.

Allow re-synchronization of Program Increment
Allow re-synchronization of Program Increment

Thanks to this new option, a newly added Team can inherit all open Program Increments with their Iterations. We left the choice to Train Engineer to decide whether they want to synchronize or not.

Ease search on document owner

Search on document owner was improved. It’s based on the « user auto-completer » widget already widely used in the application to make its usage more straightforward.

Autocomplete for search on document owner
Autocomplete for search on document owner

Jenkins: Token is required when using notifyCommit webhook endpoint

This change is triggered by an update of Jenkins Git plugin. As soon as you upgrade to 4.11.4 or newer (see CVE-2022-36883 for details), Jenkins will mandate the usage of a token for each webhook you configured in Tuleap.

Jenkins webhook configuration in a Git repository
Jenkins webhook configuration in a Git repository

Read carefully the Jenkins documentation to know how you are impacted.

Bugs and requests

There were 39 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 13.12 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a detailed list of fixes. The most notable ones are in bold.


Tuleap Document Management

  • #27900 Document search can lead to an allowed memory size error
  • #27923 Embedded file content is not displayed at document update
  • #27928 Fatal error in Docman Embedded Widget

Tuleap Tracker

  • #27911 Have too many artifact can make the tracker report very slow
  • #27560 Artifact cross references are shown in tracker report and modal even if user can’t see them
  • #27898 Try to create new field dependencies can generate a timeout
  • #27908 Fatal error when retrieving the linked artifacts and one cannot be seen
  • #27929 Crash when trying to get the display name of some specific users
  • #27910 Clarify that tracker mail reminders does not take tracker notifications into account
  • #27903 delete field value should not be possible when it’s use on transition
  • #27905 Internationalized strings of the tracker colorpicker are not shown/not translated

Tuleap Git and Pull Request

  • #27887 Pull-requests on same branches with different references is not possible anymore

Tuleap MediaWiki Standalone

  • #27891 MediaWiki Standalone should be available in docker images
  • #27895 Disallow the activation of MediaWiki Standalone when there is already MediaWiki data
  • #27894 Only display languages supported by the Tuleap instance in the MW user preferences
  • #27892 First activation of Mediawiki Standalone service doesn’t trigger instance creation

Site wide

  • #27565 Project shortname should never start by a non alphanumerical character
  • #27893 Ldap: nightly synchro does not work properly
  • #27897 Welcome mail to new user can have multiple languages
  • #27888 API Explorer cannot be displayed

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