Let’s discover the enhancements for this month’s release in Tuleap 13.6!

Search for Documents, technical preview

If you read our last release notes, you’ll know we’re making document management a top priority for our customers. Documents are a huge part of every project, and the more you can centralize and easily find information, the better you can use it. In our quest to make it even more usable, we’re happy to say the Documents’ search is being actively worked on! This functionality allows doing a global search that will apply to any text properties. It also allows making more specific searches on each property.

How to use it?

In Document pages, follow these simple steps:

  • add #feature-flag-new-search at the end of the URL
  • reload the page
  • type a key word in the search box (at the top right)
  • press « Enter » and here you go!

If you already know the search on legacy « Docman » interface, you will also discover new search criteria: on filename.

Search interface in Document
Search interface in Document

It’s not fully cooked yet, but Tuleap Enterprise Edition users can already use it. And as you know, we’re deep into customer satisfaction and collaboration, so all feedback are welcomed! Rather it’s on the behavior, look and feel, and, or as crazy as it sounds, bugs, we’re open to hear what you think.

Tuleap Documentation contribution made easy

It’s now possible to contribute to our Tuleap Documentation without installing tons of stuff on a local machine. Thanks to Gitpod, anyone can get in minutes a fully working contribution environment with a WebIDE & a real-time rendering of the result. Once you checked that your change was OK, in one click you create a pull request to publish your work.

Give it a try now 👉 open documentation in Gitpod

Tuleap ships its own gitolite package

In Tuleap 13.5 we’ve made a big shift to ship git by ourselves instead of relying on the package provided by RedHat/CentOS. However, the gitolite package (that manages all the permissions) still had a dependency on this old git package. Starting Tuleap 13.6, gitolite package also comes from Tuleap repositories and relies on git provided by Tuleap. The old git can be removed to reduce the amount of legacy packages on your system.

Other git related news:

Bugs and Requests

There were 32 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 13.6 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a selection of the most notable fixes.


File delivery