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We are happy to start off our Tuleap 14 cycle with fresh new developments and enhancements: full text search, integrations with other software… so don’t miss to see what’s up in the release note of Tuleap 14.0.

Full text search in Trackers

Starting Tuleap 14.0, Tuleap Enterprise Edition users will have access to a full text search across projects for data in the trackers. At the moment, all string and text fields are taken into account (hence titles and descriptions) as well as follow-up comments. Search is accessible with the « Switch to » button in the navigation bar.

Full text search of Search, how meta is that ?
Full text search of Search, how meta is that?

You can also get to « Switch to » using the s keyboard shortcut.

You might wonder what will be needed to power this search (especially if you are a system administrator). The answer is simple: nothing more than what you already have. Actually, this search is powered by MySQL itself so you won’t have to install a dedicated server or rely on a 3rd party service.

After the installation of the plugin, only the new changes will be indexed. However, there is a command to run to index all existing content. Please check the documentation.

Integration with OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice is an open source suite alternative to Microsoft Office and more precisely to Office365. You can view and collaborate around Microsoft Office documents (docx for Word, xlsx for Excel and pptx for Powerpoint) as well as display PDF.

In Tuleap 14.0, this is the first stage of the integration of OnlyOffice in Tuleap. The first use case is the ability to seamlessly display all supported files inside OnlyOffice. You no longer have to download a .docx or a .pdf to read them!

Read Office files right inside your browser thanks to OnlyOffice
Read Office files right inside your browser thanks to OnlyOffice

Future developments will make it possible to edit Office files from Tuleap Document Management. It will be also possible to seamlessly open Office files from everywhere in Tuleap (trackers, scrum view, test management, etc).

Integration with Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code (or VSCode for the cool kids) is an open source code editor / IDE (Integrated Development Environment) very popular in the web development world. Developed with web technologies (typescript, html, css), it runs both as a desktop app and as a web app.

To be more specific, the integration is more a proof of concept than a real product at this very moment. You will be now able to attach a file from your VSCode directly inside an artifact on any Tuleap server, either with a command (the VSCode way to go) or with a menu inside the contextual dropdown.

Tuleap extension in vscode
Tuleap extension in vscode

This extension is available on the marketplace.

The goal here, beside the proof of concept, is to evaluate and gather insights into whether there is any interest in the community to go further. So if you are a VSCode user you can drop us a line on the chat.

Bugs and requests

There were 41 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 14.0 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a detailed list of fixes. The most notable ones are in bold.


  • #28277 Sorting a report table on rank field leads to a PHP fatal error
  • #28255 None value must be added in required selectboxes without default value

User Interface

  • #28284 Add Item drop down menu gets partly hidden by header of object below
  • #28285 Enhance heartbeat widget readability
  • #28283 Enhance project team widget design
  • #28279 Enhance widget header style

Git & GitLab

  • #27896 Smart commit is not smart enough
  • #27883 Merging a pull request does not close referenced artifacts
  • #27919 GitLab references are not displayed in the artefact view if located in subgroups
  • #28250 Crash when calling GET /api/git/:id/commits/:ref with an invalid reference

Jira Import

  • #28265 Auto create users from LDAP at Jira Import
  • #28267 Be able to choose the scrum board to import ar Jira project import

Program Management

  • #27931 Iterations are not synchronized when Parent is set on creation

Test Management

  • #28249 Do not throw an error if description changeset value is missing in definition

Site administration

  • #28246 statistics data are not displayed when only a date have value in statistics plugin
  • #28251 Crash when looking for a user using a name and a status in the siteadministration
  • #28247 Statistics disk usage per project displays a 502


  • #28256 Updating an SVN repository with REST does not allow notifications with only user groups


  • #28244 Cannot send a Mattermost notification when creating a PR

OAuth2 server

  • #28282 Token type Bearer should be capitalized in the OAuth2 access token

MediaWiki Standalone

  • #27519 TuleapFarm: unlog one user everywhere
  • #27513 Deal with database patterns
  • #28280 Remove wgTuleapAccessPreset
  • #27186 Cannot access MediaWiki as anonymous user
  • #27512 `mathoid` table is missing after instance initialization
  • #28268 Restricted users should access MediaWiki Standalone in Public Inc. Restricted projects
  • #28269 Restricted users should see MediaWiki Standalone service in Sidebar for Public Inc. Restricted projects
  • #28260 LocalSettings wgTuleapAccessPreset doesn’t have the expected value

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