Hello there ☀️ In this hot weather, it’s time for you to take a refreshing break and see what our R&D team has developed this month. Check out the release note of Tuleap 14.11 below.

Started moving Kanban out of Agile Dashboard

Kanban boards have been part of the Agile Dashboard section since their beginning in Tuleap, and this has been a source of confusion ever since. People asked legitimate questions like « What if my team is not using Scrum? », « What if I just want a board of cards for my Trackers? ». We had to answer « you need to use Agile Dashboard anyway ».

In order to remove that confusion, Kanban will move out to its own section and its own Tuleap plugin. In Tuleap 14.11, this move has just started and there is no visible change yet. Our team has prepared the technical groundwork and the move will progress during the next releases.

🚚 Moving Artifacts from a Tracker to another

As part of the maintenance of software projects, it’s common to use Trackers to collect bugs and requests for improvements. However, when teams work on more than one project, bugs can often be filed in the wrong tracker. To help address this issue, Tuleap has a feature to allow Tracker administrators to move artifacts from one tracker to another, including moving to a tracker in another project.

Screenshot of the Move artifact modal. It shows an Issue artifact in the context of the Blue Team project. It is being moved to the Red Team, to the Issues tracker. Two fields cannot be moved and will be lost: Attachments and Linked Issues. The remaining 14 fields will be fully migrated.
Moving an issue from Blue Team to Red Team Issues tracker

In Tuleap 14.11, this feature saw massive improvements. Up until now, it was limited to the Title, Description, Assigned to, Initial effort tracker semantics and a couple of read-only fields. With this release, it can move all fields except File and Artifact links. Instead of using tracker semantics to move fields, it uses the field names and types. If the origin field and the destination field have the same names and types, the Artifact can be moved to the destination tracker. If you have several issue trackers that have the same shape, moving artifacts between trackers and projects will be a breeze.

The work is still ongoing so there are still two fields that cannot be moved yet: the « File » attachments field and the Artifact links field. Work is planned for them, the next releases should allow to move them as well.

🔗 Artifact links

Last release concluded the improvements of the Artifact links section of the Artifact Modal window (used in Kanban, Backlog and Test Management). However, testing and using it revealed a couple of rough edges left. These have been smoothed out during this release with the following requests:

  • #32650 Artifact link list should display parent first
  • #32651 « Artifact can only have one parent » is confusing
  • #32652 Artifact link list should display project information
  • #32653 Do not lose modifications done in Artifact Modal
  • #32986 Planning doesn’t refresh when links are updated with modal
Screenshot of the Artifact Modal. It shows a Story artifact being edited, and features the Artifact Links field of that story. The field shows a link to a parent artifact that is the first link at the top, and a link to an issue in another project.
Artifact links field in the Artifact Modal. Changes include: the project of linked artifacts is now visible, the parent artifact is now the first line

Bugs and requests

There were 54 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 14.11 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a detailed list of fixes. The most notable ones are in bold.


  • #32989 MediaWiki: 1.35.10 -> 1.35.11
  • #33001 Apply patch for CVE-2023-26136 tough-cookie
  • #32629 XSS in the card field of the agile dashboard apps (CVE-2023-35929)



  • #32634 Filter artifacts with an open list field throws a PHP fatal error
  • #32646 Fatal error in report query for integer & float fields
  • #32637 Mandatory file field is not well handled in artifact modal
  • #32988 Cannot use the ‘>=’ TQL operator with a last update date field
  • #32998 Cannot upload a file using the modal if my group cannot submit or edit
  • #33000 Openlist field used in tracker report does not return the expected values

Backlog (Scrum AgileDashboard)

  • #32644 Filtering using information of an openlist in a card of the kanban/PV2 apps does not work


  • #32644 Filtering using information of an openlist in a card of the kanban/PV2 apps does not work
  • #32642 Missing regex escaping when filtering kanban cards


  • #32308 Document breadcrumb is broken
  • #32757 Keep all ONLYOFFICE document « save token » alive when document is being edited
  • #32990 Crash while saving a document edited collaboratively in ONLYOFFICE
  • #32789 Cannot update the string or text custom property of an item

Pull Requests

  • #32631 homogenize pull-request labels styles

Site administration

  • #32984 Dates in site admin user details page vary for each user

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