As days are getting shorter and colder, the Tuleap Team has some news for you to brighten up the grey November weather! Here’s Tuleap 14.2: Office document edition thanks to the integration with OnlyOffice, advanced synchronization between GitLab groups and Tuleap projects, the possibility to reply to Pull Request comments… and more to discover, in the release note hereunder.

Edit Office document with ONLYOFFICE

In Tuleap 14.0 we introduced the ability to open Office documents directly in the web browser thanks to ONLYOFFICE. It’s now time for the second step: let’s write stuff in.

Not only this integration brings online editing but it’s a collaborative edition. That means that you can modify documents concurrently with real time updates. Of course, Tuleap permissions apply so write is only possible for people having the appropriate permissions (writer, manager, admin). Write is available for all supported Office documents Word (docx), Excel (xlsx) and Powerpoint (pptx). PDF remains read-only.

Please note that the document under edition is sent back to Tuleap when the last editor close their tab/window. In other words, you won’t see the new version in history or for download while people are still editing the document.

Reply to Pull Request comments

Pretty much everything is already in the title 🙂 It’s now possible to reply to Pull Request comments, both in « Changes » and in « Overview » pages.

Pull Request screen with reply added in the Changes view
Reply added in the Changes page
Pull Request screen with reply added in the Overview page
Reply to comment from the « Overview » page

Synchronize GitLab groups and Tuleap Projects

Integration of GitLab groups in Tuleap projects is now complete. In the previous release, it was possible to associate a Tuleap project and a GitLab group, it’s now possible to keep them in sync with a dedicated Tuleap Git administrator action.

The synchronization will create the missing repositories and corresponding configurations.

New Synchronize button in GitLab integration administration panel
New Synchronize button in GitLab integration administration panel

Reverse links in tracker shown by default

Tuleap Artifact Links can be « Forward » and « Reverse ». For instance when you link an Epic with a User Story as a child, from the the Epic point of view, this is a « Forward » link and from the User Story point of view this is a « Reverse » link.

Until now, only « Forward » links were displayed by default when you loaded an artifact view. In order to see the « Reverse » links, you had to click the « Display reverse artifact links » button.

The old "Display reverse artifact links" button
The old « Display reverse artifact links » button

Those reverse links are actually quite important and the original reason to hide them (might take too much space) is outweigh by the fact that people might miss important links if they are not aware of what this button does. Moreover, we fixed a bug for mandatory artifact links fields (ie. marked as Required) that now takes into account reverse links. Hence, starting Tuleap 14.2, the reverse links are always displayed, without user interactions (button is gone).

Reverse artifact links are displayed by default
Reverse artifact links are displayed by default

Bugs and requests

There were 56 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 14.2 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a detailed list of fixes. The most notable ones are in bold.


  • #28889 Harden calls to Git CLI against argument injection
  • #29271 Remediation for CVE-2022-3786 & CVE-2022-3602 (OpenSSL 3.0.0 to 3.0.6)


  • #29261 Crash when computing burnup graphs
  • #29267 Disabled drag and drop of image when editing an existing followup comment
  • #29254 Artifact link field is not empty when there are reverse links
  • #29260 Reverse links must not be selected for deletion
  • #29255 PHP fatal error on artifact creation when submit miss required fields and use parent
  • #29248 Markdown value not interpreted in Tracker table report
  • #28891 Count (group by) in renderer columns does not work anymore
  • #29227 Sorting a tracker report using a « last updated by » field leads to a crash


  • #29285 Obsolescence date must be well displayed at metadata edition
  • #29282 Item metadatas cleared at update when metadata is not used
  • #29209 Sort on Created Date and Filename doesn’t work
  • #29275 Recursion option is not taken into account at folder metadata edition
  • #29211 Search on small screen doesn’t display the whole dropdown menu
  • #29210 Legacy « History » page and « New version » modale are not aligned
  • #29219 Missing margin between embedded doc title and content when there’s no project background

Git & Pull requests

  • #29250 Content between < and > characters is removed in pullrequest comments
  • #29208 Git: 2.37.1 -> 2.38.0
  • #29229 Git: 2.38.0 -> 2.38.1

New MediaWiki

  • #29258 MediaWiki: 1.35.7 -> 1.35.8
  • #29259 Make possible to install MediaWiki without a MyISAM table


  • #29206 Baseline should disable delete buttons for baselines in comparisons
  • #29207 Inefficient permissions management

Scrum board

  • #29236 Duplicated backlog item when moved to top / bottom

SAFe & Program Management

  • #29204 Program managment should display Milestones Program Increments, Iterations even if no team is defined

Full text search

  • #29266 Docker image should be able to provide FTS DB & FTS Meilisearch
  • #29216 Collect metrics related to full-text search activity


  • #28892 Updating SVNAccessFile on very big projects is very time consuming
  • #29222 Remove Perl based SVN authentication

Site wideReverse artifact links are displayed by default

  • #29232 Have a more generic error message when LDAP password is in error
  • #29218 Show a deprecation message to users using Firefox < 91 or Chrome < 93
  • #29220 `pre` content shouldn’t overflow the frame

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