During this spooky season 👻 we have some terrific news to share with you. Check out the latest developments and enhancements, mainly concerning the new navigation sidebar, in the release note of Tuleap 15.1 hereunder.

Promoted Trackers & Kanban in Sidebar

Tuleap sidebar is one of the key components in the application navigation and it had one problem: it was too technical. The wording used in the sidebar was targeted toward people that were already used to Tuleap.

The best example is « Trackers », if you are used to Tuleap you know what it is and you mostly know what you will find there. But if it’s your first landing, you have no clue of what this thing is.

With the ability to promote Trackers and Kanban, users will see terms of their own business instead of name of the tools.

Let’s take an example with « Issue Tracker » project template.

A tuleap project with the sidebar highlighted on trackers & newly visible "Issues" tracker
A project created from Issue Tracking template

The « Issues » term is now visible directly at project creation and, even better, when you hover the « Issues » name, there is a small + that directly points to new issue creation.

Highlight of new arifact creation button in sidebar

The same principle applies for Kanban. Even if, most of the time, the Kanban term is more widely known than Tracker, it is still beneficial to have it in sidebar but for a different reason. In case of Kanban, the added value is to have, wherever you are in the project, access to most important actions in your project. In the following example, the project decided to promote their user story kanban to make it easily reachable.

A Tuleap taskboard page with an highlight on new direct access to user stories kanban
Direct access to User Stories kanban from a release taskboard

Last but not least, with all those changes in the sidebar we decided to remove the possibility to collapse the sidebar. As we can now have sub elements (issues tracker, user stories or epics kanban, etc) that don’t have a known icon associated to them, a collapsed sidebar is more confusing as users won’t know where the are going to land on a click.

Bugs and requests

There were 53 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 15.1 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a detailed list of fixes. The most notable ones are in bold.


  • #34340 Adding a « Last Modified by » criterion in report generates a PHP fatal error
  • #34380 Tracker reports can crash when searching on a bind list without any values
  • #34361 remove move artifact based on semantic
  • #33665 0 in a a select box is presented as None
  • #34345 0 value is discarded in int and float fields in the Artifact modal
  • #34338 Change from Markdown format to HTML is ignored in Artifact Modal


  • #34390 Create backlog should create backlog
  • #34370 Scrum is initialised even if administrator did not decide to
  • #34348 Add shortcut for backlog & kanban


  • #34369 Kanban widget fatal error during project creation

Test management

  • #34016 Allow to order execution by definition rank
  • #34027 Artifact tooltip is missing in TTM

Git & pull request

  • #34344 Git nested tags to unreferenced tag must directly retrieve initial commit SHA1
  • #34034 Interpret commonmark in pull-request comments notifications
  • #34706 Syntax highlight C++ files using the .cc and .hh extensions
  • #34708 Syntax hightlight Makefile files
  • #34396 Syntax highlight fo ipynb and rst files


  • #34397 Remove some unused views in document


  • #33985 No informations logged when LogUsersOutInstance get a 500

Jira Import

  • #34349 Jira import must add assignee field in card semantic


  • #34381 Enable to get users when binding a directory group (contribution from Aurélien Tisné from CS-Group)


  • #34389 Missing transaction when adding reverse links to created artifact
  • #34394 Cannot list trackers > 50 through API

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