As springtime approaches, our Tuleap 🌷 is blooming with new developments.
Check out this month’s release note and see for yourself what’s up in Tuleap 15.6.

New pull-requests homepage

After the pull-request overview page, it’s the homepage’s turn to get a full rework.

This brand new interface has convenient features allowing you to find what you are looking for among the open and closed pull-requests of a given Git repository:

  • Search by keywords in pull-requests titles and descriptions
  • Filter on pull-requests authors
  • Filter on labels
  • Sort pull-requests on their creation date

A couple more features will be added in the next releases, such as the ability to filter pull-requests by target branches, reviewers, or even see all the pull-requests you’re reviewing or you’ve authored yourself. Stay tuned!


Custom services are now returned in REST route representations. To distinguish a custom service from a Tuleap service the new key is_custom has been added. The new key service_url has also been added which permit the user to have the URL of the custom service.

Representation example:

    "id": 448,
    "uri": "project_services/448",
    "service_url": "",
    "name": "",
    "label": "My custom service",
    "is_enabled": true,
    "icon": "fa-angle-double-right",
    "is_custom": true
  }, {
    "id": 143,
    "uri": "project_services/143",
    "service_url": "/file/showfiles.php?group_id=101",
    "name": "file",
    "label": "Files",
    "is_enabled": false,
    "icon": "far fa-copy",
    "is_custom": false

Subversion and EL9 platforms

EL9 stands for Enterprise Linux 9, it’s our way of describing RHEL, RockyLinux, AlmaLinux in their 9 flavor. As mentioned on previous release, it’s production ready since a while but there was still a blocking migration point for fellow users with EL7 deployment: Subversion behavior change between 1.7 (version of Subversion on EL7) and 1.14 (version of Subversion on EL9). To make it short, Subversion 1.10, change the way it handles permission definitions.

This release comes with two new helpers: a brand-new command to provide a list of all repositories that must be modified with its identifier, the project name and the SVN repository name and a blog post to explain how to use this new script as well as what to do BEFORE the EL9 migration if you are using Subversion on you Tuleap server.

Bugs and requests

There were 40 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 15.6 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a detailed list of fixes. The most notable ones are in bold.


  • #36803 Mass update clears the permissions on artifact field – CVE-2024-25130 – Impact Moderate (5.4)

User Experience

  • #36481 Typing quick service access shortcuts in custom elements inputs kicks keyboard shortcuts
  • #36839 Submit and Stay option with one click


  • #36820 Remove a usergroup must remove its Baseline permissions


  • #36801 Progress bar in Document upload is stuck to 0%
  • #36802 Delete a document generates a Vue store error


  • #35859 git read access history does not take into account the access hour
  • #36842 Git XML export and import must deal with default branch

Pull Requests

  • #36809 GET /git/:id/pull_requests_authors should not return anonymous users


  • #36482 Updates from technical user should not trigger Tuleap Functions for Trackers
  • #34032 Move of artifacts should not depend on artifact deletion
  • #36847 mermaid: 10.2.3 -> 10.8.0

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