Please note that 9.16 is the last version to support PHP 5.3, please switch to [PHP 5.6]({{ }}/administration-guide/run-php56.html) as soon as possible.


Cross tracker search (tech preview)

Please note that Cross tracker search is currently under development and only available as part of Tuleap Enterprise.

  • story #10678: define a query for title and description semantics

We continue our journey toward complete cross-tracker search, with this story we introduce the ability to define and save a query. They query can only be ran on text semantics.

  • When no query is defined, default search apply (aka. return all open artifacts)
  • Current state allow to define (and save) a search made on title and description semantics
  • In order to distinguish search on semantics, the @ character is used as a prefix: @title and @description
  • The query definition is the same than [Tuleap Query Language]({{ }}/user-guide/tql.html) you can use the same operators than “text/string” fields

Project admin members tab


Bug fix

Site administration

Project administration

  • request #10939 LDAP users are automatically created in Tuleap when displayed in a select box autocompleted
  • request #10931 Cannot add a site administrator to a project adminstrators users group
  • request #10923 Do not retrieve unneeded permissions
  • request #10914 Search in legacy permission matrix is not compatible with register_globals off
  • request #10884 Error when adding user in a ugroup already exist is not meaningful
  • request #10879 Suspended and deleted users are still listed in project members page


  • request #10935 Sorting on "Rank" field causes artifacts not to be displayed in tracker report
  • request #10891 Retrieving a descriptive name of the object associated with a tracker field permission might lead to a fatal error
  • request #10889 Not set required field prevents artifacts from being deleted
  • request #10815 Each access to a report log information not needed
  • request #10801 fetchMailArtifactValue should take into account check permissions value
  • request #10688 Default value cant’ be removed
  • request #10946 Prevent burdown field to be added multiple times in the same tracker


  • request #10892 Continuous integration plugins should support interacting with a Jenkins instance having the CSRF protection enabled


  • request #10928 Forking a repository rely only on the filesystem content of the forked repository
  • request #10962 Last Git push project widget does not display pushes of the first week of 2018


  • request #10927 Kanban filter and modal loading state are broken
  • request #10922 When a kanban is deleted corresponding widgets in dashboards are not removed
  • request #10920 Agile Dashboard > Admin > "Export the configuration" not working
  • request #10837 Tuleap-realtime receives fields already filtered

Subversion plugin

  • request #10916 LDAP user with an UID matching multiples users according to sys_ldap_search_user param gets an error when they commit



Libraries and version bump

Build and CI

  • request #10930 Tests of the artifact modal used in PV2 can not be launched by the continous integration


  • request #8972 Get rid of all direct calls to mysql API
  • request #10933 Remove PHP 5.1.6 polyfill for DateTime and DateTimeZone
  • request #10932 Remove specific implementation of filesize checker
  • request #10943 Remove generic browser polyfills used for things before the IE11 world


Releases stats

  • 566 files changed, 51354 insertions(+), 14094 deletions(-)
  • They made the release (number of commits, author, company)
    • 103 Thomas Gerbet
    • 95 Yannis ROSSETTO
    • 49 Joris Masson
    • 39 Nicolas Terray
    • 24 Marie Ange Garnier
    • 10 Manuel VACELET
    • 9 Juliana Leclaire
    • 2 Sandra Echinard

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