Install Tuleap in a few minutes

The full installation of Tuleap is done on your own server and should take a few minutes. The full installation of Tuleap will provide a fully configurable and adjustable environment. It is robust so you can deploy production environment this way.


  • A CentOS or RedHat 6.x with an x86_64 architecture.


  • Install EPEL. You will need EPEL for some dependencies (e.g. ckeditor)
yum install -y epel-release
  • Install Tuleap repositories. Create a /etc/yum.repos.d/Tuleap.repo with this content:
  • Install Tuleap by running the following command:
yum install -y tuleap-all tuleap-plugin-git-gitolite3


As root, run:


This script should only be executed once. If you have any errors in the previous steps, be sure to fix those before continuing.

It will ask you for:

  • Tuleap Domain name. This is the public name of the server.
  • Your Company name. Who need more informations about this?

Post configuration

Firewall might be activated by default. To open needed ports:

yum install -y system-config-firewall-base
lokkit -s https -s http -s ssh

That's it! You can start enjoy your Tuleap and customize your platform.

For Mail Configuration and more details, follow the instructions here.