Make the most of Tuleap’s high flexibility and versatility. In addition to all its features and native connectors, Tuleap allows you to benefit from even more integrations with other software solutions such as Jira, Jenkins, GitLab… Here follows a list of useful contents to learn more about this topic and better understand the way data migration to Tuleap works.

From Jira, Jenkins, GitLab… to Tuleap

Agility at Scale

Manage to align each agile team with the overall business strategy: check out our contents about agility at scale to better understand and know how to deploy it within your organization.

Agile methods and Scrum

Agile approaches, Scrum, Kanban… here is everything you need to know about agility to enhance your projects, helping you keep a client-centric approach and promote short but regular delivery cycles.

Project management

Learn more about project management and see how using the appropriate software and tools to centralize all your work can help you improve your project monitoring and also decision-making in due time, among others.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Bring efficiency to your projects thanks to an ALM tool. Here’s some useful contents to better grasp what Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) consists of, its advantages and functioning.

Agile digital transformation

Here’s some references to learn more about the agile digital transformation and its benefits to finally turn your software into an actual competitive advantage within a dense market.

The Open Source

Open Source software have become as much reliable, qualitative and secured as proprietary solutions, and they are nowadays an integral part of most of the applications we use daily… without even knowing it!
Find out more details about the Open Source.

Software quality

Ensuring compliance, quality and reliability of software is a critical issue for organizations. Here is a list of resources on software quality to learn more!

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