It’s time to migrate from Jira to leverage all the agile and devops features available in Tuleap. It will increase team productivity and teammates collaboration. In this page, we will clarify some concepts in Jira and Tuleap and provide tips on the best approach for a secure Jira migration.

Above all: Issue Tracking is one tool among others in Tuleap. Jira is the part of the Atlassian suite that does Issue Tracking. Both Jira and Tuleap aim at managing work items but they have been build in a different manner. To be comfortable, you learn the most notable differences of concepts of Tuleap and Jira in a related article.

Moving from Jira to Tuleap in no time

Jira to Tuleap

There are several migration paths depending on your Jira usage and what you want to transfer. It’s like moving to a new place, you might want to keep all your belongings or start fresh. With Tuleap you have the choice, and it start when you migrate. Let’s review your options!

▶ I don’t need to move issues from Jira

Fine, easy, just create your first workspace on Tuleap using a ready-to-use template. Once done, you will be able to custom tools, on your own, without awaiting the global administrator approval.

▶ I have few Jira issues to move to Tuleap

  • you have lightweight projects to move,
  • there are only few links between issues,
  • no use of Jira agile tools.

The solution

Adopt the by-issue-type migration. This way, issues are migrated from one Jira project to a Tuleap Tracker (in a Tuleap project). You will import all issues of the chosen issue type, the history of changes with their owners, comments, attachments as well custom fields defined on Jira side.
Any project lead can run an issue-type migration as long as he gets admin permissions a Tuleap project. This feature is available both in the Tuleap Enterprise Edition and the Community Edition. So enjoy!

Moving Jira issues to Tuleap

▶ I have several Jira projects to move to Tuleap

  • you have a several projects to move,
  • links between issues are key in your process,
  • you are using Jira agile boards.

The solution

The project-by project migration approach is particularly adapted for you. This migration path reproduces all the settings of a Jira project to a Tuleap project. In addition to what is already proposed with the by-issue-type migration, this approach allows to:

  • preserve links between issues with their links types,
  • keep work log recorded on issues,
  • migrate all issues types of a project at once,
  • import all agile configuration, sprints & backlog.

To do so, you need the dedicated plugin available in Tuleap Enterprise Edition.

Importing Jira projects to Tuleap

Either way, you will win

Whatever the way you move, with Tuleap you will get more as it’s an alternative to Jira and Atlassian products.

A more flexible and autonomous workflow management

Moving to Tuleap, users will get back control on their workflow, for real. Each project team will be able to go deeper in the customization of its workspace, the transitions, automation, access controls, user groups. No more waiting for administrator approvals.
Read after to learn how Tuleap puts control of your workflow back in your hands.

More features, natively integrated

Once on Tuleap, users will be able to leverage all Tuleap features in addition to project and issue tracking, as early Test Management and Code Management that were not available in Jira.
Take a look at the Jira vs Tuleap detailed features comparison.

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