ONLYOFFICE is an online office suite comprising viewers and editors for texts, spreadsheets and presentations, fully compatible with Office Open XML formats. Tuleap Document Manager already offers a way to create simple embedded document or to upload files. The integration with ONLYOFFICE enables to go further in creating collaborative documents.

intégration tuleap avec onlyoffice

Tuleap + ONLYOFFICE = co-editing documents in real time and storing artifacts

The Tuleap-ONLYOFFICE connector allows teams to expand the Tuleap Document Manager features and add new capabilities. It enables to view and co-edit Office documents (DOCX, DOCXF, PPTX, XLSX…) in real time with respect on the user access rights. This makes it easier to cooperate and be more efficient for you to sync and share documents with teammates and partners.

The features of Tuleap <-> ONLYOFFICE integration in short

  • Create, edit and read, ONLYOFFICE files from Tuleap Document Management
  • Display all supported files inside ONLYOFFICE seamlessly, including Microsoft Office documents (docx for Word, xlsx for Excel and pptx for Powerpoint)
  • Collaborate on the same document with your team and see updates in real time ( Please note that the new version in history or for download is available as soon as the last editor closes their tab/window).
  • Restrict ONLYOFFICE servers to get control projects and documents access accordingly to the appropriate permissions (i.e. writer, manager, admin)

Tuleap <-> ONLYOFFICE: how the integration works

Collaborate on documents within 1 single platform

Once the plugin for Tuleap-ONLYOFFICE integration is active, you can view any Office document stored in your Tuleap Document Manager, simply by clicking on them. Tuleap will seamlessly open ONLYOFFICE, load your document and allow you and yours teams to work on it at the same time. All document changes and updates are automatically saved, ready to be shared and downloaded as soon as the last editor exits the document. Of course, all this is made possible without leaving your Tuleap interface.

A few steps seamless integration

To deploy the integration you will need to :

Tuleap permissions applied to OnlyOffice

The permissions set up into Tuleap apply on ONLYOFFICE server as well. This ensures a tight control on the projects that are allowed to use a given ONLYOFFICE server. This means that Tuleap administrators can choose which Tuleap projects can access to the OnlyOffice server. Those who don’t have access won’t have the OnlyOffice integration available. ( ℹ️ By default all projects have access)

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