Originally, the expression “Open Source” only alluded to “Open Source software”, having an open source code meant to be publicly accessible. Nowadays, it is more than this: it is a mode of thinking which promotes principles such as transparency and open collaboration. Open Source software have gradually become as much reliable, qualitative and secured as proprietary solutions, and they constitute now an integral part of most of the applications we use on a daily basis… but we don’t even know it!
Since there are so many reasons to opt for an Open Source solution rather than for a proprietary one, here’s a list of useful references. Just see for yourself!

Open Source software

Open innovation and agility with Tuleap OpenRoadmap™

Willing to improve your project management?

Project management can be very challenging, but relying on a set of good practices and tools will definitely help you improve team efficiency, project monitoring and decision-making in due time, just to name a few.
Here’s a list of useful contents to learn more about project management tools and methods.

Getting started with agility at enterprise scale?

Agility at scale help you align each agile team with the overall business strategy. Find out more about it and how to deploy agility at scale.

Agile project management methods

Unlike traditional methods, agile approaches are client-centric and promote short but regular delivery cycles. Here’s everything you need to know about agility, its tools and methods: Scrum, Kanban

Choosing an ALM tool for your projects’ efficiency

Check out more details about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) : the comprehensive process of managing software lifecycle by providing teams with any tools and resources they need.

Agile digital transformation

Getting started with it? Check out some useful resources about agile digital transformation to help you turn your software into a competitive advantage.

Software quality

Software quality is an essential part of software and application development. Discover our resources on software quality to learn more about compliance, test management, norms…


Tuleap allows you to benefit from various integrations, including Jira, GitLab, Jenkins… Find out more about integration in our resources.

open source software

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