Proof of Concept

When it comes to choosing a new software, try and buy has become quite common. That makes perfect sense. After all, seeing is believing . Do you want to try Tuleap in your environment? Sure. With the Proof of Concept (PoC), you can explore the possibilities that Tuleap offers and assess how it matches your team or organisation’s unique profile.


For a quick start and a controlled deployment, we guide you, step by step. We consider how you work now and your objectives, and we advice you how to do with Tuleap. Each consulting day is personalized. Your processes become more efficient, your teams work faster.

Training: make it easier for your teams
to continuously improve

Online trainings

Watch online courses or follow learning paths crafted for every skill level. Some of our most popular courses: Tuleap On Boarding, Get started with Tuleap, Git in Tuleap

On-site courses

Maximize learning and minimize downtime. Tuleap on-site courses offer hands-on practice and cover real-world examples and tailored discussions. Train a group of employees at the same time, at your location, to reduce expenses and improve productivity.


Tuleap Open Roadmap™: choose the future features

With the Open Roadmap, shape Tuleap to you

Based on 3 pillars – agility, open innovation and DevOps-, we have created the Open Roadmap to solve two challenges:

  • Improve end-user satisfaction
  • Decrease shadow IT.

It is a simple principle: enable you to choose what will be the futures capabilities of Tuleap.

Agile Story Points