Tuleap Open Roadmap™ is a unique service and we are very proud to be the pioneer and creator of the concept.

Have you heard about “Shadow IT”? Did you know that a study showed that in typical software systems, 64% of features are never or rarely used in reality? Tuleap Open Roadmap helps solve theses huge challenges and make everyone happy.

Making Teams happy

The Open Roadmap gives the floor to the teams, increasing end user empowerment. Users share their needs because they know they will be listed.

Making IT Department happy

You can answer teams easier, providing the tools they really want to be more efficient. You get better visibility into applications used in your organization. Less risks, more monitoring.

Tuleap Open Roadmap™ is a unique service dedicated to Tuleap Enterprise customers, as an additional option. It provides companies the way to closely collaborate with us on the Tuleap future developments. The Tuleap Open Roadmap™ approach is made on 3 pillars: Agility, Open Innovation and DevOps.

Laurent Charles

In my previous life as a Delivery Manager, I remember how frustrating it was not to be able to answer the internal users’ needs. I created the Tuleap Open Roadmap™ approach to provide teams the tools they really need.

Laurent CHARLES, CEO of Enalean-Tuleap

How does Tuleap Open Roadmap™ work?

Book production capacity of the Tuleap R&D team.

Ask your requests.
We estimate.

Invest in your priorities. Fund or crow-fund.

See new features live.
Enjoy smile on your users’ faces!

The Open Roadmap™ customers subscribe to our R&D capacity to develop extensions and enhancements on Tuleap ALM product:

  • Customers enter a development partnership with us and subscribe to our R&D capacity. 
  • Customers express their requests and we write it down in the form of Agile User Stories. These user stories are evaluated by using the Story Point mechanism. A story point does not correspond directly to a man-day capacity. At Tuleap, a story point is a relative development unit that enables to “estimate the size” of the feature, according to the needed effort, the complexity of the development and unkown aspects. User Stories evaluation is made by the Tuleap development team.
  • On the basis of this evaluation and his needs, each customer decides where it is a priority for him to invest.
  • Tuleap R&D team works hard to make Tuleap grow rapidly and provide you with valuable capabilities.
Agile Story Points

The Agile and DevOps approach

As experts, it is obvious to us to develop Tuleap product embracing Agile and DevOps principles.

Tuleap Agile approch

Sharing resources to be more efficient

We encourage Open Roadmap’ members to crowd-fund Tuleap new features. We organize meetings where customers share their internal needs. Our experience has shown us that the more the requests mature with everyone’s feedback, the better they provide value to all end users and the faster Tuleap team can turn them into reality.

What customers say about it

Working with Tuleap team is really different. That’s refreshing in comparison with the experience we had with proprietary tool vendors.

Dominique T., Manager Development tools

It’s nice to finally find a team who listens to us. It’s actually more fun to have new features every 30 days rather than wait for months or years.”

Domenico A., Product Manager

Ever dream you could steer the roadmap of a tool
in YOUR direction? Now you can.

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