Tuleap is the 1st Open Source Agile Application Lifecycle Management tool. It provides more capabilities and flexibility than any other tools. Tuleap is the only platform that onboards so many profiles, providing teams the tools they need, under one single roof.

enterprise agile planning tool


Tuleap is an all-in-one solution with Agile Management and Continuous Development tools under one roof -vs- Jira is an issue project tracking system only.


Tuleap is designed to onboard multi-profile teams and solve Enterprise challenges -vs- Gitlab is build for software developers.


Tuleap is a complete ALM solution with integrated Git tool, self-hosted or in the cloud -vs- Github is a cloud platform based on Git to host code source.

Git + Jenkins + a tracker

Tuleap addresses end-to-end traceability, from requirements to code, tests, jobs and so on. With several dispatched tools you cannot get this traceability. You loose the possibility to trace the entire lifecycle of all items in their product iterations, including associated changes, you decrease product integrity.


Tuleap offers natively integrated and long-term supported tools with modern UI -vs- Redmine provides ageing project tracking management with non-guaranteed plugins.


Tuleap provides, amongst other tools, a modern tracking system with monthly development and maintenance activities -vs- Bugzilla is a 90’s bug tracker.


Tuleap provides powerful Kanban boards with specific features that help streamline your workflow -vs- Trello is a basic list, a collection of vertically-arranged cards.


Tuleap is particularly powerful to help you build quality software -vs- Asana is a generally project management tool with no software development capabilities.


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