Tuleap offers a reliable and sustainable Jira alternative for public organizations and enterprises in regulated environnements, due to its open-source nature, integrated features, customizable workflows, security, and cost-effectiveness. This in-depth article compare Tuleap and Jira Software capabilities. You’ll see that Tuleap is more than an alternative to Jira, as teams gets more features in one single tool. This feature comparison focuses on Tuleap Agile tools and Tuleap Trackers versus Jira Software. Remember to look at all other native modules included in Tuleap.

An alternative to replace them all

Before diving into the feature comparison, look at the illustration below to keep in mind all the modules natively provided by Tuleap, the open source alternative, in comparison to Jira Software. Then, you’ll be able to compare.
Want to go straight to the point? Read rather this shorter article : “Tuleap versus Jira : compare the all in one alternative to Jira”. It’s a sum up of the differences between the features and the offering of the two tools.

Now, let’s compare. The following tables compare 3 key capabilities:

Program Management for agility at Enterprise level and teams’ synchronization

Project Management for Agile tools at Team Level

Issue tracking and Workflow management

Agile tools at Enterprise level

Agile tools at the enterprise level are designed to support strategic planning, governance, and alignment across the organization. Some agile at scale methods help organisations deploy teams synchronization and shared business goals as Lean or Scaled Agile Framework.

Available with strong capabilities, Not available or Additional Atlassian product needed

Synchronizing Projects and TeamsTuleapJira Software
Program and Product Portfolio
Project hierarchy and aggregated teams
Cross-project/team backlog management
Cross-project/team releases planning
Multi-project or multi-teams roadmap
SAFe templates

Agile tools at Team level

According to Gartner, Agile tools at the team level support agile methods as Scrum or Kanban. They are focused on enabling the team to plan and execute their work in an iterative and incremental manner.

Available with strong capabilities, Limited , Not available, additional product needed

HYBRID APPROACHESTuleapJira software
Scrumban, Kanplan, homemade processes YEs
SCRUMTuleapJira software
Scrum to get started
Advanced Scrum (explicit backlog, fine-grained configurations)
Limited. By admin platform only
Release planification, versions, sprints
Backlog management
Drag’n drop
Selection of one or multiple issues
Effort and capacity monitoring
Scrum taskboard/cardwall
Fine-grained permissions
Limited. By admin platform only
Burndown chart
Link Scrum issues (stories, epics…) to source code, pull request, documents, deliveries
Additional product needed
Customize planning hierarchy level (ex: release + sprints, or product + versions + weeks…)
Scrum at scale
KANBANTuleapJira software
Boards with visual cards
Drag ‘n drop
Real time update
Kanban multi-issues (ex: 1 single Kanban with issue of type “tasks” + type “bug”)
Several Kanban by project (ex: two Kanban : one for tasks, one for bugs)
Kanban multi-projects
WIP limit configuration per column
Swim lanes
Workflow application in the Kanban columns (ex: restriction to move a card from “to do” to “achieved”)
Link Kanban issues (stories, epics…) to source code source source, pull request, documents, deliveries
Additional product needed
Customize columns name and numbers
Only by platform admin
Customize information displayed on cards
Filter cards by searches
Cumulative flowchart

Issue Tracking – Workflow management

Issue tracking and workflow management are essential for managing projects effectively. A good tool should offer a comprehensive set of features, such as fine-grained customizable workflows, automation, and integration with other tools. It should also offers autonomy for teams and should be scalable to meet the needs of growing teams. Look for a tool that offers real-time collaboration, analytics, and reporting capabilities to help you track progress and identify areas for improvement.

For a stronger understanding of the two alternatives tools, check out our complementary article to better catch the different concepts of Tuleap and Jira.

Available with strong capabilities, Limited , Not available, additional product needed

MUST HAVETuleapJira software
Track any type of issue: tasks, bugs, requirements, stories
Unlimited trackers per project
Pre-configured trackers templates
Change history
Mass update
TRACEABILITYTuleapJira software
Link issue backward-forward to other issues (ex: link an incident to a task)
Link issues backward-forward to software development items (ex: link a requirements to a wiki page, a bug to a revision and a job, a release to a file…)
Additional product needed
Link issues back to third party tools (ex: link a Tuleap task to a CRM activity)
Define artifact link nature (ex: resolved in, satisfied by)
Ability to modify the workflow of each type of tracker
Both at platform level and per project level

At platform level only
Define field dependencies (ex: if the field gets the value “FIXED”, then the status field is automatically set to ” CLOSED”
Define authorized transitions
In advanced workflow only. By platform admin only
Project lead can define their own user groups to be used in the workflow
Project lead can define authorized user groups to make some specific transitions (ex: only group A can update the status from “TO DO” to “ON GOING”)
Project lead can define post functions after transitions (ex: when a task moves from “ON GOING” to “DONE”, then the remaining effort is automatically set to “0”
Set cross-tracker triggers (ex: when all sub-tasks are “DONE” then the parent task is automatically set to “COMPLETED”)
Define triggers between trackers and development tools (ex: launch a Jenkins job when the issue is set to “UNDER REVIEW”)
Additional product needed
Create corporate tracker template
Ability to customize trackers afterward
Limited. Only by platform admin
Ability for project leads to create new trackers from scratch
Ability to modify trackers’ fields
Both at platform and project level

At platform level only
Ability to choose the layout of the tracker form
Project lead can modify fields according to a predefined list
Project lead can add any type of fields
Project lead can add new values in fields
TIME TRACKINGTuleapJira software
Fields for time tracking (effort, remaining time, hours)
Time Tracking per issue
Timer button
Time Tracking on multiple project
Time Tracking on a team
Time Tracking per people

NOTIFICATIONSTuleapJira software
Define generic notifications per tracker
Define notifications on each tracker
Per tracker canned responses
Per tracker date reminders

Software Development

Available with strong capabilities, Limited , Additional product needed

Continuous software development chainTuleapJira Software
Manage and streamline Git pipelines at Enterprise scale
Facilitate online code reviews with Pull Request and Gerrit integration
Advanced integration with Gitlab

Test Management-QA

TEST MANAGEMENTTuleapJira Software
Create, plan, automate et execute test campaigns (automated and manual tests)
Triggers and Fine integration with Jenkins

Document collaboration

Collaborative document management per project (real-time edition, wiki, search, validation workflow…)

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