You are looking for an alternative to Jira, more complete? See why numerous organisations trust Tuleap over Jira to achieve quality agile software developments. From an industrial workflow system to powerful agile tools, Tuleap empowers your teams with everything they need. They plan, track, build, test and release better software. Find out more about the top open source Jira alternative !

Designed for

Entire organisation

Enterprise Project Management

  • Enterprise platform organized with collaborative workspaces made of teammates and several tools
  • Tools configurations and workflow tailored by team projects
  • Connected to enterprise directories


One team

A collection of issues

  • Tool organized with a list of issues
  • No full-featured project areas
  • No global vision on the different stages of a software project lifecycle

“6.000 users, 4.000 active projects, many different uses, Tuleap is a cornerstone for all our software projects.”


All the features

All-in-one Agile ALM

  • Agile Project Management
  • Issue Tracking (Tuleap vs Jira)
  • Code versioning
  • Code Review
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test Management
  • Documents & Files


Small feature set

Limited to project and issue tracking

  • Require additional products for a complete solution

“Tuleap has everything in one product. No need to go anywhere else. Its tough to find a better tool than this which does so many things in one place.”


All on one server

Ready for years to come

  • 1 Tuleap instance for 10 users to +50.000
  • Smooth large-scale deployment
  • Tools deployment flexibility
  • Easily add users on your existing server


Multiple servers

New needs = new purchases

  • Need to purchase new products to progress
  • Additional servers for wider deployments
  • Add IT staff to maintain multiple servers

“We have +13.000 users on one single Tuleap instance.”



Teams tailor. Extended adaptability

  • Project teams are autonomous. Leveraging corporate templates, each team can adapt its project area and tools according to its own way of working


No adaptability

Teams use. Limited adaptability

  • Teams have to choose among a list issue types made by global administrators. Minimal adaptations are possible.

“Our Tuleap instance hosts hundreds of different types of projects: software development, semiconductor engineering as well as embedded software.”

Purchase logic

One single product

Invest in value

  • One single product
  • Integrated future stable tools
  • A continuous improvement journey in agile software engineering


Multiple products

Buy and buy

  • Multiple products
  • Separated plugins
  • A classical software provider relationship

“It’s actually more fun to have new features every 30 days rather than wait for months or years.”


Tuleap people

By the core team who know YOU and the product

  • Immediate access to the Tuleap team who truly understand your business challenges and the product. Who’s best positioned to help you?
  • Prompt business support level 2 & 3
  • Expert insights to make you progress


Unknown people

Done by a …third team (?)

  • Do you know the people who are supposed to help you? Can you discuss with them before purchase?
  • You’ll probably need to go through resellers or intermediaries

“Working with Tuleap team is really different. That’s refreshing in comparison with the experience we had with proprietary tool vendors.”

Software licence

Open source logo

Open Source

  • Freedom to access source code
  • Sustainability




  • Vendor lock-in
  • No access to source code

“Finally, we found with Tuleap a future-proof Open Source ALM software. It is a real open source alternative to Jira and the Atlassian suite.”

Offering & Pricing


Cost-effective. Faster ROI

  • Self-managed on-premises
  • We can operate for you on-premises
  • Available in the Cloud
  • Several SLA levels
  • Open Roadmap® option
  • Price : Immediate ROI for all. Cost-effective at scale



Increase fast

  • Self-managed on-premises
  • No possibility to operate for you on-premises
  • Available in the Cloud but no saas for plugins
  • Several SLA levels
  • No Open Roadmap®
  • Price : Think twice before deploying… You would probably need Jira + Bitbucket + Confluence + even more

It’s nice to finally find a team who listens to us.”

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