Scrum, Kanban… or even Scrumban:
agile tools for all types of agile teams

Whether you’re starting your agile journey or already scaling up agile at enterprise scale; whether you’re into Scrum project management or Kanban; you get the message: no matter what type of agile teams you are, Tuleap got you covered. With our agile tools, you got everything you need to become an agile enterprise. Our tools give you the flexibility you need to adapt them to your own process.

Kanban, Planning

Scrum tools for your own agile project management

Scrum is the most popular method amongst agile teams. But there’s no 2 Scrum teams alike. With Tuleap agile tools, every Scrum teams get to be agile their own way.

agile project management scrum method
agile planning - product backlog

Product backlog: smarter inbox

  • Organize your backlog so that only what is ready-to-be-planned is shown (stories, bugs, requirements, tasks…) 
  • Provide Product Owners, Scrum Masters and developers a centralized view of the backlog
  • Collect and add client requests in one click
  • Prioritize stories with drag ‘n’ drop

Release planning: where ideas come alive

  • Define your milestones and delivery planning. Eg: individual sprints, releases split in 4 sprints…
  • Simply drag ‘n’ drop cards from prioritized backlogs to upcoming releases and sprints
  • Check team capacity according to velocity and estimated effort
  • Break down epics and stories into smaller tasks
release planning with Tuleap software
agile management charts

Agile metrics: keep up with progress

  • Check out remaining effort in the remaining time
  • Track sprint progress with real-time visibility of task status using the cardwall
  • Monitor charts to see how the team is performing sprint over sprint

Get to the finish line with Kanban

Kanban is both a method and a tool. With Tuleap Kanban tools board, transform day-to-day tasks in a streamlined workflow and focus on what’s hot, whether you are a software developer (agile or not) or in IT, human resources, or sales.

Portfolio Kanban
kanban cardwall and post-its

Easy-to-use Kanban tool

  • Create Kanban boards in one click
  • Divide your workflow into small stages
  • Limit the number of ongoing activities (WIP)
  • Create new cards very easily and drag ‘n’ drop to update cards status
  • Edit cards and make changes on-the-fly

Stop starting, start finishing: fully embrace the Kanban method

  • Configure workflows through columns: limitation to move directly a card from the column “to do” to “closed”
  • Share boards with everyone while limiting updates to certain user groups: only the “maintainer” user group can move a card from “on review” to “merge”, for example
Kanban WIP column
Cumulative flow charts

Customize and streamline your Agile or Waterfall-oriented workflow

  • Quickly and easily customize your Kanban boards: change column order and rename titles
  • Improve your work by analyzing cumulative flow charts that show how tasks mount up and how they are distributed across process stages
  • Be more efficient and reduce stress by focusing on one activity at a time
  • Deliver according to a plan and make smaller, more frequent deliveries
  • Hunt down bottlenecks
  • Communicate more clearly with colleagues through a visual interface

Agile Dashboards: visual data at a glance

  • Create personal and project dashboards by selecting widgets from a catalog: choose from task boards, bug updates, the latest commits, job status, documents to review, and more
  • Display all dashboards on one page with the tabbed view
  • Check progress on every project in one customizable view
  • Get automatic updates about just the tasks that matter to you
agile project management dashboards