Scrum, Kanban, mixte. Flexible agile tools for teams of all sizes

No two software teams are alike. With Tuleap Agile Project Management modules, teammates are under one roof. Teams of all kinds — agile ninjas, newbies, or waterfall-oriented — can work together, whatever their programming language.

  • Centralize agile project activities with a single solution to plan, track, develop, deliver and maintain apps
  • Start easily with shared agile best practices and evolve with your teams.
  • Create corporate project templates while giving each project manager the freedom of a customizable workspace
  • Comply with your business and industry standards like ISO, CMMI and ITIL

Modern Agile Project Management tools
to collect, rank & plan

agile planning

A smarter inbox: Product backlog

  • Provide teams with a centralized view of the backlog
  • Capture all requests in one place and create new ones easily
  • Prioritize stories with drag ‘n’ drop ranking
Planning with Tuleap Software

Make ideas happen: Release planning

  • Simply drag ‘n’ drop to plan from prioritized backlogs to upcoming releases and sprints.
  • Check capacity according to team velocity and estimated effort
  • Break down epics and stories into smaller tasks
  • Easily, assign tasks to team members
agile management charts

Check progress at a glance

  • Track progress with real-time visibility of task status using the cardwall
  • Update task status and remaining effort throughout a milestone
  • Monitor charts to see remaining effort in the remaining time

Get to the finish line with Kanban

Kanban is about more than just moving cards from one column to another. And yet, many project management tools go no further, missing opportunities to boost efficiency. The value of a Kanban board lies in its capacity to transform day-to-day tasks so that you can streamline your workflow and focus on what’s hot, whether you are a software developer (agile or not) or in IT, human resources, or sales.

Kanban boards
Cumulative flow chart

Streamline your Agile or Waterfall-oriented workflow

  • Be more efficient and reduce stress by focusing on one activity at a time
  • Deliver according to a plan and make smaller, more frequent deliveries
  • Hunt down bottlenecks
  • Communicate more clearly with colleagues through a visual interface

Simple and powerful Kanban tool to focus on finishing

  • Create Kanban boards in one click
  • Limit the number of ongoing activities (WIP)
  • Divide your workflow into small stages
  • Drag ‘n’ drop to update cards
  • Create new cards very easily
  • Edit cards and make changes on-the-fly
  • Improve your work by analyzing cumulative flow charts that show how tasks mount up and how they are distributed across process stages

Adapt Kanban boards to your process

  • Quickly and easily customize your Kanban boards: change column order and rename titles
  • Configure workflows through columns: limitation to move directly a card from the column “to do” to “closed”
  • Share boards with everyone while limiting updates to certain user groups: only the “maintainer” user group can move a card from “on review” to “merge”, for example
Kanban WIP column

Even better visual data

  • Do you waterfall? Assign tasks and track Gantt chart
  • Find the info you need. Create simple searches or drill down into data with Advanced Query Search Language
  • Generate ad hoc reporting graphs with pies, bars, card boards
  • Share team reports
  • View due dates and times

Daily and project recaps on one dashboard

  • Create personal and project dashboards by selecting widgets from a catalog: Choose from task boards, bug updates, latest commits, job status, documents to review, and more
  • Display all dashboards on one page with the tabbed view
  • Check progress on all the projects you care about in one customizable view
  • Get automatic updates about just the tasks that matter to you
project management dashboards

Say goodbye to multiple tools.
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