Create, store, link and version Documents & Files

Tuleap Document Manager

Tuleap Document Manager

A handy, centralized and secured document area for each project team

  • Centralize project documentation in a single space
  • Create new versions
  • Complete document reviews painlessly with approval workflow
  • Control who can modify what
  • See what’s changed with document history
  • Stay informed about updates with notifications
  • Webdav access (read & write)
Mediawiki in Tuleap

Easy-to-use integrated MediaWiki

The wiki of Wikipedia

  • Create a public or private MediaWiki workspace by project
  • Map Tuleap and MediaWiki user groups
  • Link MediaWiki pages back to any other issues
  • Several integrated MediaWiki extensions
File release system

Share files securely with your clients

  • Drive files sharing between your team, clients and delivery partners
  • Use secure download links to share files or deliveries
  • Link files to release content (related stories, tasks, fixes)
  • Avoid the use of file transfer services
  • Get a detailed activity log of each user file sharing action (sharing, downloading, uploading new files)
  • Create user groups and assign access rights

Automatically generate documents with Tuleap DocGen™ plugin

  • Generate requirements specification documents containing all the content of the selected artifacts (user stories, features, tests…) in Tracker Reports
  • Use the new Traceability Matrix in Tuleap to ensure and prove the quality and full-traceability of your delivered products internally and externally
  • Go even further in traceability with the “Explore Test Plan” plugin and automatically export any test plan information (requirements, tests, campaigns, execution status…)
  • Download a detailed technical report in a few seconds to prepare and pass compliance audits easier and faster (i.e. ISO 26262, SoX, SPICE, ISO 13485, IEC 62304, CMM…)
automatic document generation and traceability matrix

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